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“I owe my life to Regional One Health:” Having a full-service burn center nearby made a lifesaving difference for Bruce Harrison

Bruce Harrison needed emergency burn care after being injured in a jet ski explosion. Thanks to our Firefighters Burn Center, the only full-service burn center in a 400-mile radius verified by the American Burn Association, Bruce was able to return to normal activities. The burn Center's mission is to provide that opportunity to [...]

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy expedites healing process

"I would tell anyone who thinks they might need it to try it. The HBOT chamber expedited my healing process," Lauren Bihm said. Lauren Bihm doesn’t dive. She recently traveled to Mexico, but she wasn’t interested in scuba diving. Lauren’s had 40 diving experiences, though, all in a “submarine” in the Hyperbaric [...]

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Maternal Fetal Medicine Services perform rare blood transfusion

Jax came to Regional One Health with heart failure and accumulating fluid in different parts of his body after a specialist in Cassi Day's hometown recommended our services. Millimeters. Dr. Mauro Schenone and his team in Maternal Fetal Medicine Services at Regional One Health faced a task that required threading a needle [...]

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Courtney family thankful for trauma care (Video)

It was an early season football game for Evangelical Christian School against Briarcrest Christian School when Max Courtney was hit in the side during a return and had to leave the game with an unknown injury. Max was taken to a hospital where it was discovered he quickly needed to get [...]

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Patient Story: Harrison back to life thanks to burn team

National Burn Awareness Week celebrates burn center care Bruce Harrison doesn’t recall being a human fireball shot 10 feet in the air. His first memory after the explosion is standing up, looking down and seeing the skin come off his hand. Bruce and his family were at Horseshoe Lake in nearby Crittenden County, [...]

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Investing in a Brighter Future: Part 2

Meet Recent Graduate: Julia Davis Julia Davis is a recent graduate of the Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program. She became a victim of a violent crime on Christmas Eve of 2014 when she was shot in the arm and jaw. Julia was rushed to the Elvis Presley Trauma Center where she says her life was [...]

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Shocked To Be Alive

It was a busy day at the salon, and Jada Guy was styling three clients when she noticed she had missed two calls from one of her son’s friends. Two more clients were waiting, so she didn’t think much about the missed calls, until her daughter called shortly thereafter with the devastating news that [...]

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Patient Story: Tiniest patient is truly a Starr of NICU team

Starr is one of the tiniest patients to be born in Regional One Health's NICU at 14 ounces. One of the tiniest babies ever born at Regional One Health is truly a star of the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Starr Farris weighed an astonishing 14 ounces, or roughly the weight [...]

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Patient Story: BJ’s twins miraculously delivered at Regional One Health

Mark and BJ were overjoyed when they learned they were having twins, who were delivered in the High-Risk Obstetrics Program at Regional One Health. Do you believe in miracles? BJ and Mark Mazurkiewicz of Corinth, Mississippi, certainly do. After a long struggle with infertility issues, the couple received the first of several [...]

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Steve jumps back into life thanks to Trauma team

Steve was treated for multiple life-threatening injuries by staff in the Elvis Presley Trauma Center. On April 10, 2010, while Jennifer and Steve Helffrich were spending a typical weekend with friends doing what they love — jumping out of airplanes — the unthinkable happened. Steve may not remember spinning out of control and falling some 14,000 [...]

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