Regional One Health is dedicated to improving the health and well being of the Memphis community by providing compassionate care and exceptional services. Beyond the walls of our hospital we do so by educating individuals on how to have an overall better quality of life. We are focused on ensuring that quality health is offered in the areas we serve, while assisting these communities in developing programs to improve healthcare access. As part of our mission to promote community health, Regional One Health regularly participates in various community health fairs and events.

If you are interested in having Regional One Health present at your next health fair or community event, please take note of the guidelines below before submitting a request form online.

Health Fair and Community Events Participation Guidelines

In the interest of customer service and health promotion, customer response guidelines including criteria for screening health fair requests will be used to communicate effectively with community groups and individuals seeking Regional One Health’s participation in various health fairs and community events. The purpose of these health fairs and community events should lend themselves to:

  • promote health awareness;
  • increase self-assessment abilities through interactive learning experiences;
  • encourage participants to assume responsibility for their own health choices through development of a personal wellness plan for maximizing health throughout life;
  • use health screening information for early disease detection and to increase understanding of how the body functions;
  • reassure and to encourage participants to continue healthy behaviors;
  • increase understanding of available healthcare and health promotion resources in local communities;
  • promote effective use of community resources by encouraging cooperation among private, voluntary, and government sectors;
  • promote seamless continuum of care by developing a referral and follow-up system; and
  • ensure the use of measurement tools that capture healthy outcomes and impacts.

Online Form

Health Fair or Community Event Request Form 

Response to requests for Health Fair or Community Event participation:
All requests will be screened (based on the established criteria below) by Community Affairs & Engagement/Volunteer Services, to determine if the request will be considered for possible participation. If it is determined that a request meets criteria, the request will be presented to the department manager for a decision on Regional One Health’s participation. Requests are reviewed weekly to determine whether or not the Regional One Health will participate in the activity.

Criteria for determining whether or not the Regional One Health will accommodate a health fair or community event request:
The following screening criteria will be used to initially determine Regional One Health’s participation in health fairs or community events. Additional criteria may be developed by individual programs and services to identify criteria specific to their particular program objectives and available resources.

Screening Criteria

  • Timeliness – requests must be received a minimum of 6-weeks prior to the event date.
  • Service match – specific requests for services or activities should align with the mission, vision, and outreach objectives and services of the Regional One Health.
  • Strategic Plan – participation would support the Regional One Health strategic plan.
  • Resource availability – determine if Regional One Health personnel and resources are available to comply with the request (would this be an effective use of our resources?).
  • Date availability – are Regional One Health personnel or resources available for the date/time requested?
  • Target audience – Is the event audience one that the Regional One Health wants to connect with, and will the number of people attending the event be sufficient to make a worthwhile impact?
  • Event sponsor – requesting party should represent a credible organization; there should be evidence that their event is well-planned and organized.

Follow up on confirmed health fair/event participation

When a decision is made to comply with a request for health fair or community event participation, a representative of the Community Affairs & Engagement/Volunteer Services will communicate with the requesting party and coordinate Regional One Health’s participation. This includes scheduling of Regional One Health staff and providing a professional display and/or services appropriate to the event or activity.

If you have any questions, contact:

Community Engagement

Lori Evans
Manager, Community & Customer Engagement
[email protected]

Volunteer Services

Summer Hardy
Manager, Volunteer and Patient Experience
[email protected]