High-Risk Obstetrics

In the news: Dr. Tate discusses maternal mortality on Live at 9

The U.S. leads the developed world in the number of women who die of complications from pregnancy, and all three Mid-South states are among the states with the biggest problems. Dr. Danielle Tate from our high risk obstetrics program shared some insight into this issue both with Live at 9 and the attendees at yesterday's special [...]

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Maternal Fetal Medicine Services perform rare blood transfusion

Jax came to Regional One Health with heart failure and accumulating fluid in different parts of his body after a specialist in Cassi Day's hometown recommended our services. Millimeters. Dr. Mauro Schenone and his team in Maternal Fetal Medicine Services at Regional One Health faced a task that required threading a needle [...]

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Newborn Center celebrates 50 years of care with NICU Moments

We celebrate every baby’s life saved, and over the past 50 years there has been much celebration at the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center. Since its founding in 1968, the Newborn Center has treated more than 45,000 premature babies. The dedicated nurses, physicians and other health care providers who have staffed the Newborn Center [...]

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Donors, providers make life-saving care possible

In this season of thanksgiving, celebration and renewal, it’s important to recognize everyone in the community helping Regional One Health provide important care to make Memphis healthier. Tammie Ritchey, senior vice president and chief development officer of Regional One Health, opened the winter issue of ONEpulse Magazine thanking everyone who contributes to help save [...]

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High Risk Pregnancy Team Takes Safety Expertise Overseas

When a team of four providers from Regional One Health visited China last month, it was a trip that ultimately could have an impact on some 110 million people. That’s how many people live in a region of China where doctors from 36 hospitals attended safety training led by a high-risk obstetrics care team [...]

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Quadruplets born at Regional Medical Center

Home to the High-Risk Obstetrics Program, multiple births are not uncommon at Regional Medical Center.  But quadruplets?  That's a little more rare.  In the last two years, staff at Regional Medical Center has delivered one set of quadruplets, compared to five triplets and 150 twins. Erica Moering was surprised when she learned she was [...]

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Maternity services honored for safety performance

Pam Castleman accepting the Exceptional Performance for Maternity Care award at the Memphis Business Group on Health luncheon. The Memphis Business Group on Health (MBGH) distributes awards annually to hospitals in the Memphis area who exemplify excellence in patient safety as evidenced in patient safety measures.  At the MBGH annual awards luncheon [...]

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Identical Triplets Born at Regional Medical Center

Three of the mid-south’s newest residents were featured in the December 9, 2014 issue of The Commercial Appeal.  Ashton and Jennifer Hall were living in London, England when they got the news – she was pregnant with identical triplets.  According to Dr. Giancarlo Mari, medical director of the high risk obstetrics program at Regional [...]

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Bonnie Miller Receives Nurse of Distinction Award

Bonnie Miller, perinatal safety nurse coordinator, received the Clinical Nurse Distinction Award from the Tennessee Hospital Association at their annual meeting on November 7, 2014. Miller was recognized for her consistency and compassion while serving patients at Regional Medical Center, a part of Regional One Health. She joined the system in 2007 as a [...]

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