Health System Main Number: 901.545.7100

Before visiting, guests may call ahead to learn the location of your loved one and/or speak with them on the phone. Telephone operators are available 24/7 to provide patient information, including room and phone numbers. Operators may be reached by calling 901.545.7100. The operators receive, transfer and track calls to the desired destination in the hospital.

Frequently Used Numbers

Billing 901.545.7651
Communications/Marketing 901.545.7117
Foundation 901.545.6006
Gift Shop 901.545.7072
Guest Services 901.545.8473
Human Resources 901.545.7969
Medical Records 901.545.7581
Nurse Recruitment 901.545.7887
Outpatient Center Pharmacy 901.545.6299
Outpatient Scheduling 901.545.6969
Pastoral Care 901.545.6403
Volunteer Services 901.545.7247

Primary Care Offices