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Ask the Experts: What can I do to try to prevent colon cancer?

During Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, physicians like Regional One Health surgical oncologist and colorectal surgeon Dr. Elizabeth Wood are educating the public about prevention and early detection. They encourage all patients to talk to their health care provider about their screening needs, and say average-risk patients should get their first colonoscopy at age 45. With proper screening, colorectal cancer can be caught early while it is highly treatable or even preventable. Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month [...]

March 15th, 2023|

New Center for Innovation Access Incubator partnership will evaluate business and clinical aspects of Augment Health’s smart bladder monitor

The Center for Innovation's newest Access Incubator partner is Augment Health, a Nashville-based startup and graduate of the ZeroTo510 health care accelerator. Augment Health is seeking feedback about its smart bladder monitor from both the clinical and business side of the organization. The partnership allows the Center for Innovation to continue to help build the Memphis innovation ecosystem by supporting entrepreneurs as they develop their products and go-to-market strategy. Regional One Health’s Center for Innovation [...]

March 4th, 2023|

Ask the Experts: What is Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), and what can I expect from treatment?

Peripheral Artery Disease affects millions of Americans. It occurs when the arteries are narrowed or blocked, making it harder for heart to pump blood to the legs and feet. Patients notice leg pain, numbness and weakness, and can even face medical emergencies like heart attack or stroke. The team at The Vascular Institute at Regional One Health can help via lifestyle changes, medication, minimally invasive surgery, and monitoring. Don’t ignore symptoms like pain, foot wounds, [...]

February 28th, 2023|

Regional One Health’s focused ultrasound program grows as patients with hand tremors can now access non-surgical treatment for both sides of the body

Focused ultrasound, a state-of-the-art procedure available at Regional One Health's East Campus, helps patients get relief for severe hand tremors caused by essential tremor or tremor-dominant Parkinson's disease. The FDA recently approved the procedure for treating both sides of the body rather than just one. Focused ultrasound is a non-surgical procedure with no incision and no hospital stay, and clinical studies have shown it to be highly safe and effective. For the past several years, [...]

February 21st, 2023|

Ask the Experts: As a pediatrician, here’s my advice for navigating the school year during cold, flu and COVID season

During cold, flu and COVID season, it can be hard to know when a sick child needs to see the doctor, stay home from school, etc. Pediatrician Yemisi Emereuwaonu, MD, FAAP – “Dr. Yemi” to her patients – is sharing what caregivers need to know. She says healthy kids can often recover at home with rest and TLC, but there are situations where it's best to see a health care provider for help. School is [...]

February 15th, 2023|

Reventics Experiences Data Security Incident

Regional One Health is committed to protecting our patients’ privacy.  We take patient privacy very seriously, and it is important to us that our patients are made aware of any potential privacy issue. Reventics is a revenue cycle management company and a business associate of Regional One Health. On or about December 15, 2022, Reventics detected a cyber-intruder who accessed information on Reventics’ servers.  Upon learning of the incident, Reventics immediately engaged an international cybersecurity [...]

February 14th, 2023|

Clinical Evaluation conducted in partnership with Regional One Health’s Center for Innovation featured in Wounds, a leading clinical journal

The Healthcare Startup Access Incubator at Regional One Health's Center for Innovation is designed to help inventors evaluate their medical innovations in a real-world setting. One of those clinical evaluations, of a new Manuka honey-based wound care product, is now published in the journal Wounds. Wounds shares how the product, created by SweetBio, Inc., helps stubborn wounds heal more quickly compared to standard procedures. In 2019, the Regional One Health Center for Innovation’s Healthcare [...]

February 14th, 2023|

Regional One Health’s Firefighters Burn Center helps raise awareness about preventing serious burn injuries during National Burn Awareness Week

February 5-11 is National Burn Awareness Week, and this year burn care professionals are reading out to educate the public about avoiding scald burns. As the only full-service burn center in a 400-mile radius of Memphis, our Firefighters Burn Center understands how important burn prevention is to our community. We encourage families to stay burn safe, and to rest assured that our expert team is ready 24/7 to provide lifesaving, life-changing care for burn injuries. [...]

February 4th, 2023|

Ask the Experts: High-functioning athletes shouldn’t ignore symptoms of vascular disease

Serious athletes can be at a heightened risk of certain vascular conditions due to stress from intensive training or repetitive arm motions in sports like tennis or baseball. At The Vascular Institute at Regional One Health, a specialized team can help with these and many other vascular conditions through medication and minimally-invasive surgery. They encourage athletes to pay attention to their bodies and take symptoms like pain, cramping and numbness in the extremities seriously. Many [...]

January 11th, 2023|

“It was a beautiful experience:” For Amanda, Regional One Health’s midwifery team offered a perfect mix of personalized support and medical expertise

Amanda Jemison was looking for personalized, supportive care along with the safety of a hospital birth for the birth of her daughter Elenore. She found the perfect combination at Regional One Health, which is the only hospital in Memphis where patients can give birth with the support of a Certified Nurse Midwife. Now adjusting to life with a 5-year-old and 5-month-old, Amanda encourages other women to look into midwifery and Regional One Health's labor & [...]

December 20th, 2022|