Wonderful People Doing Priceless Work

Each year, more than 200 individuals from throughout Memphis and the Mid-South devote more than 16,000 hours to assist in caring for and providing service to our patients, families, and staff.  Volunteering at Regional One Health provides a rewarding and unique experience to affect and help improve the quality of life for individuals throughout the region.  As a volunteer you will not only enjoy the rewards of “giving back” to the community, but also find avenues to further your interests, discover new opportunities to use your existing skills and talents, and receive service credits towards your education and career goals.

The Commitment

We ask that volunteers make a commitment of five months and provide at least seventy-two hours of service.  This time commitment allows the volunteer to have a real impact and provides the greatest return of personal satisfaction. Volunteers must satisfactorily complete five months of service to receive a letter of recommendation for school or prospective employment. (Note: Your letter of recommendation will be provided by your preceptor, not Volunteer Services.)  Monthly, volunteer applicants are provided updates regarding their application status, and next steps.


Volunteers must be eighteen years of age and a high school graduate, unless applying for the Teenteer Volunteer Program. Our volunteers have good interpersonal skills, exemplify positive behavior, are service oriented and support the vision and mission of Regional One Health.

  • Complete application and all other paperwork
  • Pass a background check
  • Complete tuberculosis screening and immunization review
  • Adhere to standards and policies of the Regional One Health and Volunteer Services
  • Attend Volunteer Orientation

Volunteer Services

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