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At Regional One Health’s Center for Rehabilitative Medicine, we collaborate with our patients to develop progressive paths to wellness through an effective three-part approach:

  1. State-Of-The-Art Technology: We use the latest technology to accurately assess a patient’s current condition and needs.
  2. Innovative Care Plans: We create plans that pair traditional therapy with other services to address rehabilitation needs as part of overall health and wellness.
  3. Thoughtful Analysis: As a care team, we continuously review progress with our patients to monitor and adjust care plans to maximize results.


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Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis Technology

Gait (the process of walking) and balance are intricate movements. They rely on proper functioning from several areas of the body. These include the ears, eyes, brain, and muscles. Problems with any of these areas can lead to walking difficulties, falls, or injury if not addressed. Potential causes of temporary gait or balance problems include injury, trauma, inflammation, or pain…

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Motion & Video Technology

For measurement and assessment of gait and balance during the rehabilitation of patients with walking impairments, motion and video capture is utilized. This equipment allows the therapist to develop an intervention, view a patient’s progress, and provide rehabilitation for patients affected by neurological injuries. This equipment allows the therapist to develop an intervention…

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Our Return to Work Program

Our return to work program can be customized to fit patients’ and employers’ needs. Our plans utilize an integrated model of care that includes physiatry, occupational therapy and physical therapy. We work in conjunction with local businesses to address the needs of their employees sustaining work related injuries, and provide a seamless muti-modal care plan to achieve positive outcomes…

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The Center for Rehabilitative Medicine is located on our new east campus off 385 at Exit 2, Kirby Parkway.

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