It was an early season football game for Evangelical Christian School against Briarcrest Christian School when Max Courtney was hit in the side during a return and had to leave the game with an unknown injury. Max was taken to a hospital where it was discovered he quickly needed to get to Regional One Health Elvis Presley Trauma Center.

Max’s family rushed to Regional One Health just as he arrived via Hospital Wing. They didn’t know if he’d survive.

“It’s a feeling you can’t really explain, when you’re about to lose your son,” said Lisa Courtney, Max’s mother. “Our mercy was with Regional One. I looked at Dr. (Louis) Magnotti and said, ‘Please, please treat him as if he’s your own son.’ And he said, ‘I promise I will.’”

Dr. Magnotti performed a life-saving surgery to stop Max’s internal bleeding. After surgery, Dr. Jerry Jones performed a procedure that relieved pain and helped Max begin recovery.

One week after his injury, Max’s team played a game against East High School. He was there on the sidelines, greeting his teammates. He was there because of Regional One Health’s Trauma Team of nurses, doctors and staff.

“It’s a fabulous hospital with caring nurses, doctors, administrators and staff,” said Max’s father, Bill Courtney. “There is a culture of compassion, care and concern that’s unmatched.”