Varicocele is swelling of the veins within the scrotum due to a defective valve. The valve normally moves only in one direction, allowing blood to flow away from the testes. Blood can move back into the veins of the testicle with a defected valve, causing the veins to swell. Varicoceles normally occur in the left testicle and it is rarely present in both. A varicocele in one testicle can also affect sperm production of the other testicle.


Men normally do not have symptoms and pain is uncommon because varicoceles develop slowly. Men with the condition may experience:

  •     Dull pain
  •     Pressure or heaviness of scrotum
  •     Veins of scrotum feel like worms
  •     One testicle is larger than the other
  •     Relief when lying on his back


Varicocele usually does not require treatment. However, pain and swelling of the scrotum are signs that it is time to seek medical attention.

  •     Physical Exam
  •     Ultrasound of scrotum

Medical Therapy

Varicocele repair is a surgery that seals off the defected vein, which in return, redirects the blood flow into other veins.
Methods used:

  •     Surgery through the groin or an incision in the abdomen or below the groin
  •     Laparoscopic surgery

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