Pregnancy and Childbirth

During pregnancy and childbirth, you deserve the best medical care to protect your health and your baby’s health. You also deserve a health care environment that makes you feel at home so you can enjoy this memorable time of your life.

Our board-certified OB/GYNs are dedicated to providing both. Our top priority is to ensure a healthy pregnancy and birth, and we also go the extra mile to surround you with support. All of our labor & delivery nurses are certified in fetal monitoring, and we staff the region’s only perinatal patient safety nurse dedicated to promoting safe care for moms and babies. Expectant moms also have access to free childbirth and newborn care classes, mentoring on developing your baby’s language skills, breastfeeding support, newborn and postpartum supplies and more.

Here’s what you can expect during your care at Regional One Health:

  • Maternal health monitoring and treatment
  • Monitoring of your baby’s growth, position and heartbeat
  • Ultrasound screening and routine lab tests
  • Support for vaginal or cesarean delivery
  • Postpartum care including breastfeeding education and support
  • Childbirth and newborn care classes and mentoring
  • Labor & Delivery Center tours

If you experience pregnancy complications, Regional One Health’s Center of Excellence in High-Risk Obstetrics is the Mid-South’s leader in maternal fetal medicine, complex obstetric surgery and high-risk pregnancy care.


Regional One Health is the only hospital in Memphis where women can give birth with support from a Certified Nurse Midwife. Midwifery is a personalized style of care based on the philosophy that pregnancy and childbirth are normal, healthy times of life – not conditions that need to be cured. Our nurse midwives educate and support patients to ensure healthy outcomes while empowering expectant moms to achieve the pregnancy and birth experience they want.

Midwifery offers comprehensive prenatal and childbirth care with a patient-focused approach:

  • Monitoring of maternal and fetal health
  • Group prenatal care
  • Labor support and management of vaginal deliveries
  • Medical and alternative pain relief options
  • Postpartum care
  • Breastfeeding support

To learn more about our Certified Nurse Midwives click the link below.

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Our Labor and Delivery Center

Part of ensuring a positive birth experience is creating an environment where patients and their loved ones feel comfortable and supported. Our labor & delivery center is built around making you feel at home so you can focus on your childbirth experience and new baby.

Our 15 spacious birthing rooms are designed to put you at ease while also providing access to state-of-the-art technology. Each room includes a flat screen TV and sleeper couches or chairs for two guests. Our patients have access to birthing balls, infant warmers, breastfeeding stations, and infant care and postpartum care supplies.

Should you experience complications during pregnancy or birth and require a more advanced level of care, our Level III High Risk Perinatal Unit features technologically advanced surgical and recovery rooms, as well as high-risk perinatal rooms equipped with fetal monitors.

Regional One Health is also home to a world-class NICU. Should your baby require additional care, you’ll have immediate access to the region’s best neonatology specialists and technology.

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