Genetic counseling allows you and your partner to discover the possibility of passing genetic diseases, like sickle cell or cystic fibrosis, to your baby. Testing can occur before or during pregnancy. Couples should consider genetic counseling if there is a family history of a genetic disorders or chronic illnesses. It is important to know as much family health history as possible and share it with your genetic counselor. The genetic counselor will use your medical and family history to evaluate and interpret the results from genetic testing. The counselor will also advise you and your partner about possible abnormalities and their treatments.

Reasons to Seek Genetic Counseling

  •  You or your partner have a genetic disorder
  •  You or your partner have a family history of a genetic disorder
  •  You have a child with a genetic disorder
  •  You are 35 or older
  •  You have trouble getting pregnant or you have had recurring miscarriages

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