Regional One Health offers injury prevention and safety classes to the public. Most programs are offered free of charge as a community service by Regional One Health and are available to any group including civic, church, school, industry and other group types. Below is a list of topics offered. If you have a specific need and do not see it addressed on this list, please let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Are you, a family member, or friend at risk of falling? Score your fall risk here.

Are there fall risks in your home? Here is an interactive survey to help you find and fix common fall hazards.

Interested in attending a “Stop The Bleed” course? Fill out this form for our next session. In the meantime, check out this Stop the Bleed Directions printable PDF.

If you would like to request a presentation for your group, please contact Robert Mabe, NRP, trauma/burn coordinator of Community Outreach & Injury Prevention, at 901-545-8788 or We look forward to serving you.