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Your Legacy of Generosity: Estate Planning

Giving Through an Estate Plan Is a Simple Way to Provide Future Support Founded with a commitment to public health in 1829, the hospital, now called Regional Medical Center, has conquered many medical challenges over the years from cholera, yellow-fever epidemics, and widespread influenza, to HIV/AIDS. Today, the three-hospital system of Regional One Health [...]

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Spring 2014: One Community. One Pulse

ONE COMMUNITY. ONE PULSE. These smiling cyclists were just a few of the many supporters who participated in the annual “Ride for Your Mind” event on October 12 . The event raised over $6,000 to benefit Regional One Health’s traumatic brain injury services. Elvis Presley fans from all over the world feel close to [...]

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Foundation Gala Creates Great Fun and Funds

Regional One Health Sets Sights on Nationally Competitive Healthcare System in Memphis...Philanthropic Funds Raised During MED Night and Year-Round Help Achieve Vision More than 900 guests attended MED Night: A Soul Celebration on Saturday, April 5, at Cook Convention Center. MED Night: A Soul Celebration is hosted by Regional One Health Foundation and is the [...]

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Spiritual Health and Wellness Conference

Regional One Health is hosting a Spiritual Health and Wellness Conference on April 11, 2014. The conference will explore the spiritual health and wellness of clergy. Come, share and hear what leading thinkers in the field are saying.  Speakers include: Rev. Dr. Kenneth Robinson, Rev. Dr. Micah McCreary, Dr. Carlus Gupton, Rev. Dr. Walter [...]

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Regional One Health Foundation Funds Specialized Training for First Responders in Arkansas and the Mid-South

We often speak about lives saved and medical advances made inside the halls of Regional Medical Center, but the philanthropic impact of Regional One Health Foundation expands beyond the hospital walls. Backed by a recent grant from the Helena Health Foundation, Regional One Health will provide specialized training that is designed to improve outcomes [...]

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Regional Medical Center Recognized for Leadership in Improving Infant Health

Pictured left to right: Rebecca Lorentino, RN; Tammie Hicks, RN; Trina Ellis, Nurse Manager; Candace Rhea, PCC; Christina Gardner, RN; Karen Hamilton, PCC; Lisa Hayden, RN Educator; Latoya Morris, RN; and Mike McConnell, CRNA. Regional Medical Center has been recognized by the Tennessee Hospital Association’s (THA) Tennessee Center for Patient Safety for [...]

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Patient Story: Tiniest patient is truly a Starr of NICU team

Starr is one of the tiniest patients to be born in Regional One Health's NICU at 14 ounces. One of the tiniest babies ever born at Regional One Health is truly a star of the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Starr Farris weighed an astonishing 14 ounces, or roughly the weight [...]

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Patient Story: Cal receives life-saving treatment at Regional One Health

While Cal’s weekend trip with friends from college had ended, his journey had just begun. In April of 2007, Cal Trout was invited to attend a two-day music festival with a friend from college, his friend’s pregnant wife and their three-year-old daughter. After spending an amazing weekend together, the group decided to have a [...]

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Patient Story: The Scearces welcome newborn baby thanks to NICU team

"We're very thankful," Elizabeth says. "I just feel like we owe so much to all the staff there for saving Reid's life." Elizabeth Scearce of Martin, Tennessee was having an easy first pregnancy. But when she went for her routine 36-week ultrasound, her physician discovered that her baby had fluid around his [...]

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Patient Story: BJ’s twins miraculously delivered at Regional One Health

Mark and BJ were overjoyed when they learned they were having twins, who were delivered in the High-Risk Obstetrics Program at Regional One Health. Do you believe in miracles? BJ and Mark Mazurkiewicz of Corinth, Mississippi, certainly do. After a long struggle with infertility issues, the couple received the first of several [...]

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