We often speak about lives saved and medical advances made inside the halls of Regional Medical Center, but the philanthropic impact of Regional One Health Foundation expands beyond the hospital walls.

Backed by a recent grant from the Helena Health Foundation, Regional One Health will provide specialized training that is designed to improve outcomes of critically injured patients and equip small ERs so that they may adequately prioritize treatment of trauma and burn patients.

  • Helena Health Foundation granted $44,000 to begin the project in late 2013.
  • There will be five courses in the training program, each teaching medical professionals in smaller facilities vital skills like how to triage critical patients and the criteria to know when a patient needs to be transferred to a Level 1 trauma or burn center at Regional Medical Center.
  • Two of the courses are only available to area first responders through this program and were not previously offered.
  • The free training program is available to qualified medical professionals located within 200 miles of Regional Medical Center.

“We are the only Level 1 trauma and burn center in the Mid-South. We have a responsibility to educate our partners in healthcare on how best to treat their patients and when to escalate care to our center.”

– Denise Headin, Coordinator for Outreach and Injury Prevention at Regional Medical Center

For more information or to register for an upcoming class, please contact Pamela Finnie at 901.545.8630.

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