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Foundation Gala Creates Great Fun and Funds

Regional One Health Sets Sights on Nationally Competitive Healthcare System in Memphis…Philanthropic Funds Raised During MED Night and Year-Round Help Achieve Vision

Guests during Dennis Edwards and the Temptations RevueMore than 900 guests attended MED Night: A Soul Celebration on Saturday, April 5, at Cook Convention Center. MED Night: A Soul Celebration is hosted by Regional One Health Foundation and is the largest fundraiser of the year to draw philanthropic support for the state-of-the-art medical equipment and specialized training that save lives every day in the Regional One Health system. The event this year featured concerts by Kool & the Gang, Dennis Edwards and the Temptations Revue and Shirley Alston Reeves.

During MED Night: A Soul Celebration, Dr. Reginald Coopwood, CEO of Regional One Health, stated: “Regional Medical Center remains the place where miracles are performed every day, whether it is in our Elvis Presley Trauma Center by our world-class trauma surgeons or where we are caring for extremely premature babies who otherwise would have died but for the lifesaving treatments that were developed right here in Memphis by physicians in our NICU.

“What does the future hold for Regional One Health? Imagine a flourishing academic medical center staffed with world-renowned physicians – the best of the best – both doctors trained right here in Memphis and recruited from all over the country. Doctors passionate about creating a vibrant healthcare system, where the competitive standard is a national one, where research is conducted to find innovative new medical treatments, where patients get the most advanced care.

“There will be no reason for anyone in our community to look outside of Memphis for any treatment for any condition; in fact what we build will draw others to our community seeking care. Think of the economic impact to Memphis, the intellectual capital that will be attracted to our city, and the dramatic improvement in healthcare for those all across our region.”

Facts about Regional One Health Foundation’s Impact on Specialized Medical Care 

Tammie Ritchey, Regional One Health vice president of development/Foundation executive director, shared the following information about how donor gifts have been used to support special projects within the Regional One Health system:

  • Expansion and renovation of the Firefighters Burn Center
  • Establishment of a Nurse Residency Program
  • Ongoing training and professional development for first responders in Arkansas and Mississippi
  • State of the art infusion room, where all infusion services are consolidated into one soothing and healing environment.
  • Funding for no-cost mammograms for uninsured patients
  • Simulation equipment to enhance training opportunities for doctors, nurses and residents
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