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A Higher Level of Care: Part 2

Funding Research Leads to World-Class Care Orthopedics is just one example of the Trauma Center’s impact on trauma medicine nationally. Orthopedic surgeons perform life-saving procedures that can include repair of a neck fracture, broken limbs, dislocations and many other traumatic injuries. Because of this tremendous impact, Regional One Health Foundation provided funding for Dr. John Weinlein, a leading orthopedic surgeon at Campbell Clinic and [...]

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A Higher Level of Care: Part 1

The Elvis Presley Trauma Center, designated as a Level 1 Trauma Center in the states of Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas has saved tens of thousands of lives in its 32 years. No two days are ever quite the same for Dr. Martin Croce, medical director of the Elvis Presley Trauma Center at Regional One [...]

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CEO, Cyclist, Survivor

How local CEO and family man, Kevin Adams’ cycling accident changed his opinion of Regional One Health In February 2013, Kevin Adams set off to do what he loved, bicycling with his friends from the CdV (Cirque du Vélos) Cycling Club. What started out as an ordinary bike ride through Shelby Farms, quickly took [...]

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Regional One Health Foundation Funds Specialized Training for First Responders in Arkansas and the Mid-South

We often speak about lives saved and medical advances made inside the halls of Regional Medical Center, but the philanthropic impact of Regional One Health Foundation expands beyond the hospital walls. Backed by a recent grant from the Helena Health Foundation, Regional One Health will provide specialized training that is designed to improve outcomes [...]

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