How local CEO and family man, Kevin Adams’ cycling accident changed his opinion of Regional One Health

In February 2013, Kevin Adams set off to do what he loved, bicycling with his friends from the CdV (Cirque du Vélos)

Cycling Club. What started out as an ordinary bike ride through Shelby Farms, quickly took a turn for the worst when the rider in front of Kevin slowed down so suddenly that he could not stop.

Barely clipping the back wheel of the rider in front of him was enough to send Kevin over the handlebars, feet clipped to the pedals, somersaulting to the ground. Not immediately realizing the extent of his injuries, Kevin assured his teammates that he was fine as he got back on his bike to finish the ride.

It didn’t take long though for Kevin to realize something was wrong. He began having trouble breathing and experiencing severe pain in his left hand.

Alarmed, Kevin called a friend, Dr. Mike Muhlbauer, who is head of neurosurgery at Regional One Health. After Kevin shared what happened and the symptoms he was experiencing, Dr. Muhlbauer advised him to go to Regional Medical Center immediately.

“When I arrived at the trauma center I learned that I had multiple injuries. My collarbone was broken in two places, my left hand was broken and my left lung was punctured and had collapsed,” Kevin explains.

Dr. John Weinlein, an orthopedic surgeon and trauma specialist at Regional Medical Center, helped Kevin understand what
 he was up against and recommended a treatment plan. After following the recommended treatment, Kevin was back on his bike doing what he loves in 12 weeks.

The Elvis Presley Trauma Center is one
 of the three busiest trauma centers in 
the nation. Helping patients like Kevin recover from sudden accidents and return to a normal life requires specialized care and state-of-the art equipment, all made possible by generous Regional One Health Foundation supporters.

“I don’t think people in the Mid-South realize the significant role Regional One Health plays in our community,” said

Kevin. “I am from Houston, which is 
well known for its world-class medical facilities. Until the day I needed it, I didn’t know I had the same caliber of world-class medicine in my own backyard.”

“Like many others in our city, I used
 to think that Regional One Health only handled brutal stuff like stabbings and gun shot wounds,” Kevin added. “But, what
I discovered was a state-of-the-art facility with world-class doctors that far exceeded my expectations. I can’t say enough good things about the care I received. The entire staff took ownership of what they were doing. It is obvious that it’s not just a job
 to them. Maybe what says it best is that Regional Medical Center would be my hospital of choice if something like this ever happened to me again.”

Even a small gift can make a lasting impact on the lives of people like Kevin and his family.

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