Regional One Health’s certified nurse midwives provide personalized care for all stages of life, with a goal of empowering patients to take an active role in improving their health.

For Rebecca Bishop, that meant exceptional prenatal and labor & delivery care that helped her achieve her goal of having a natural childbirth.

Rebecca’s experience is what our nurse midwives want for all expectant moms: a chance to advocate for the pregnancy and birth experience they’ve been dreaming of.

When Rebecca Bishop went to the hospital in labor with her first baby, she told the doctor on call that she wanted as natural a birth as possible. The doctor laughed.

Her confidence undermined, the birth of little Isabella did not go as she hoped. “It traumatized me. It upset me to the point where I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it again,” she said. “When I got pregnant the next time, I knew I wanted a different experience, so I started doing my research.”

As Rebecca explored her options, she kept returning to Regional One Health’s Certified Nurse Midwives, who attend births at the hospital and see patients for prenatal and routine well woman care at Kirby Primary Care and Hollywood Primary Care. She liked the fact that the midwifery practice supports low-intervention birth while still offering the security of being in the hospital.

“When I met with the midwives the first time, they reassured me that even though unexpected things can happen during childbirth, they would advocate for what I wanted,” Rebecca said. “It changed the whole pregnancy for me. It made me feel like a rock star!”

Rebecca’s first nurse midwife was Davin Johnson, MSN, CNM, when she was pregnant with Kaylee, now 2. “At my first appointment, she spent 45 minutes with me! Never in my life have I had a doctor spend 45 minutes with me,” she said.

Maria Renee Hallford Nurse Midwife

Renee Hallford, MSN, CNM aims to help moms achieve the birth they want. For Rebecca, “I made it my goal to help her feel empowered to not only know she could do this, but also give her the information she needed to make sure others knew her desires as well.”

Johnson also connected her with the Supportive Pregnancy Program, where the nurse midwives lead group discussions about pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Rebecca loved having the extra time to address questions and concerns and to talk with other expectant moms about their shared experience. “They cover everything you need to know, and you meet all different kinds of women, so it just makes it more personal,” she said.

The personalized focus continued when Kaylee was born. Johnson and Renee Hallford, MSN, CNM, who was then studying to be a nurse midwife, helped Rebecca work through the pain to achieve the natural birth she wanted.

The experience was so positive that when Rebecca learned she was pregnant with Elena, now 8 months, she had no doubt where she’d seek her care. This time around, Hallford, now a member of the practice, was there to support Rebecca during childbirth.

“I wanted as little intervention as possible, and she supported that. She let me get up and move around or get on a yoga ball or whatever would make me comfortable,” Rebecca said. “I was able to listen to my body, and it just made me feel like, ‘This is what I’m meant to do.’”

That’s exactly the type of experience Hallford believes every woman should have.

“I knew what Rebecca wanted for this last delivery, and I made it my goal to help her feel empowered to not only know she could do this, but also give her the information she needed to make sure others knew her desires as well,” she said.

That’s why it’s so important to the nurse midwives to get to know their clients on a personal level. “Having repeat clients like Rebecca is something we love!” Hallman said. “We not only get to know the client, but her family as well. I loved hearing about her children in clinic each visit, and getting to know what was important to her for her birth.”

Rebecca and husband Jimmy are grateful for the care the nurse midwives provided. “They’re amazing,” Rebecca said. “I rave about them. I tell everyone, ‘If I could go wherever I wanted to, I would go to Regional One Health every time.'”

For Rebecca, the support and exceptional care continued after her babies arrived.

“After Kaylee was born, they told me, ‘Even if you ever just need to talk, just call and make an appointment and we’ll talk,’” she recalls. “With Elena, I had some back problems, and they referred me to a pelvic floor therapist to help with the pain.”

Through it all, Rebecca always felt like the nurse midwives were in her corner and genuinely wanted to help her achieve the birth and family she dreamed of.

And what a beautiful, busy, joyful dream it is.

Rebecca said her three girls all have their own personalities, and watching them interact brings no shortage of laughter to her and husband Jimmy.

“Bella is 4, and she’s very outgoing. She loves to be performing, singing and dancing – all as loud as possible,” Rebecca laughed. “Kaylee is a little more reserved. If she gets to know you, she’s just as outgoing, but if she doesn’t know you she isn’t sure she likes you.”

Elena, at 8 months, is just starting to reveal her personality. “She’s just as happy as can be, and she’s tough,” Rebecca said. “She has to be – she’s the youngest! The other day I looked over and the other girls had put a backpack on her, so there she was, crawling around with a backpack!”

As she watches her daughters grow, Rebecca is grateful for a healthy family and for the certified nurse midwives who helped her achieve it – and do so on her own terms.

“They’re amazing. Whether you want a natural birth or not, they’re so supportive, and it’s all about your birth experience,” she said. “I rave about them. I tell everyone, ‘If I could go wherever I wanted to, I would go to Regional One Health every time.’”

If you’re expecting a baby or seeking personalized well woman care, make an appointment with our certified nurse midwives!

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