Edna Tucker, MSN, CNM

“I knew I wanted a career where I would be taking care of people, and nursing just made sense. I was always fascinated with babies and pregnant women. After I had a nurse midwife for my own first pregnancy, I quickly knew what I was made to do!”

Eight years later, Edna Tucker, MSN, CNM is a Certified Nurse Midwife at Regional One Health – and just as enthusiastic about the opportunity to help expectant moms bring new life into the world. “I just love mamas and babies! I want every mother to know that she is cared for and that she matters,” she said. “There is a memorable moment with every patient. It may be when they smile on the day they first hear that little heartbeat. I am honored to share in that. I care for women how I’d want someone to care for one of my own!”

For Edna, being a nurse midwife is personal.

One of her favorite memories is when a friend she’d known since she was a teenager reached out to ask her to care for her pregnant daughter. “She told me her daughter was newly pregnant and didn’t want to see anyone else for her prenatal care,” she said. “I was so honored and got to catch her little guy. There was not a dry eye in the room.”

Edna is also passionate about raising her own family. She has four boys, and the youngest two play high school football. “I’m either at a football game or trying to get the smell out of my house! I also enjoy working out, hiking or trying to train my crazy Goldendoodle puppy, Rosie.”

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