Edna Tucker, MSN, CNM

Certified Nurse Midwife services at Regional One Health


Certified Nurse Midwife

Certified Nurse Midwife

Master of Science in Nursing, Frontier Nursing University, Hyden, KY

Edna Marie Tucker, MSN, CNM is a certified nurse-midwife at Regional One Health’s Hollywood Primary Care. Edna received her Master of Science in Nursing degree from Frontier Nursing University in Hyden, KY.

“My favorite part of midwifery is being able to support and guide the mother at doing what she already can do,” Edna shared. “She may not know she has the strength or power yet, but she does. My favorite quote is, ‘There is a secret in our culture, and it is not that birth is painful. It is that women are strong.’”

Edna had a midwife during all four of her pregnancies and the experience inspired her to become a nurse-midwife herself. “My midwife became my friend and mentor,” Edna said. “She encouraged me to seek midwifery school and to become what I have always wanted to become.”

She has travelled internationally to work as a nurse-midwife since becoming certified. “In 2010, I traveled to Uganda, Africa for a month and worked with several villages teaching prenatal/birth safety skills. Being invited into a brand new family’s intimate birthday party is an honor, each and every time.”


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