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Meet our Midwives! Breia Loft, MSN, CNM stands alongside women to empower them to choose their ideal birth experience

Brenda Breia Loft Nurse Midwife Regional One Health

Breia Loft, MSN, CNM

“No matter what, I want to give women the choice of midwifery care in Memphis. I want to empower them to choose their ideal birth experience, and to come alongside them to help them achieve it.”

Breia Loft, MSN, CNM has been a Certified Nurse Midwife for 24 years, the past six at Regional One Health. As a mom herself, she feels a responsibility to other women in her community to provide access to a model of health care that treats patients as individuals and looks at pregnancy and birth as a healthy and natural part of life.

As Breia notes, “I had two wonderful births personally and I wanted to help guide other women to have the same type of great birth experience.”

It all came full circle when, as a nurse midwife, she helped with an extra special delivery several years ago: “One of my most memorable moments was in 2014, when I was honored to ‘catch’ my first granddaughter!” Breia says.

Outside of her professional passion for helping patients build their families, Breia loves spending time with her own family – she has been married for 30 years and has three children, ages 29, 27 and 13 – as well as being active in her church and traveling.

Make an appointment with our Certified Nurse Midwives at Kirby Primary Care (901-515-5350) or Hollywood Primary Care (901-515-5500).

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