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The Heart of a Lion: Samir Alniswan needed courage and expert care from the Firefighters Burn Center to survive serious injuries

After Samir Alniswan suffered deep burns to 60 percent of his body, he spent over six months at Regional One Health and endured more than 40 surgeries.  Thanks to his courage, will to survive and expert care he received at the Firefighters Burn Center, he was able to return home to continue his rehabilitation [...]

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Garrett and Gunner Duncan are normal, healthy little boys thanks to Regional One Health’s Center for High-Risk Pregnancy

Gail and Jeff Duncan cherish day-to-day moments with twins Garrett and Gunner knowing that it took high-tech science to get them there. Doctors in Regional One Health's Center for High-Risk Pregnancy performed a highly-specialized procedure after they diagnosed a rare condition that left the twins with only a 10 percent chance of survival. Thanks [...]

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What is the Future of Health Care? Regional One Health doctors and patients are helping answer that question thanks to the Center for Innovation

Regional One Health took a bold step when it opened the Center for Innovation in 2016 - but the initiative is thriving as it finds new ways to improve health care and its delivery. Already, the Center for Innovation team is working with a company that developed a more convenient device for healing fractures [...]

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A Legacy of Life: For 50 years, Regional One Health’s NICU has given babies a fighting chance – no matter what their zip code

Dr. Sheldon B. Korones founded the Regional One Health neonatal intensive care unit in 1968 to give every baby a chance at quality care and a healthy life. As the NICU team celebrated the center's 50th anniversary, families returned to reflect on the exceptional care their babies received and the compassionate support they were [...]

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Regional One Health’s ONE Health complex care initiative is Making Memphis Healthier One Relationship at a Time

With the Regional One Health Foundation’s support, ONE Health is addressing complex needs to lift up our city’s most vulnerable residents. The program combines the skills of nurses and social workers to help patients address not only medical issues but social issues like homelessness, joblessness and more.  Regional One Health's medical staff and various [...]

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After a nightmare accident, Haley McCommon found a lifesaving dream team at Regional One Health’s Elvis Presley Trauma Center

Following a rollover ATV accident, Haley McCommon met a group of doctors and nurses who not only saved her life, they inspired her future.Haley and her mom Casey call them "Haley's Dream Team," and they not only helped her survive serious injuries, they did so without introducing her to the danger of opioid dependence.With the [...]

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Dr. Ram Velamuri brings expertise, compassion to new role as Firefighters Burn Center Associate Medical Director

Dr. Ram Velamuri has been named associate medical director of Regional One Health's Firefighters Burn Center. Dr. Velamuri, a board-certified plastic surgeon, looks forward to helping lead an exceptional team as they not only help patients survive critical injuries but help them returning to fulfilling and rewarding lives. The Firefighters Burn Center is the [...]

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