Faith Ruch loves nursing. She enjoys working with her hands, specifically with patients. She treasures the opportunity to witness the miracle of life as a Labor and Delivery nurse at Regional One Health.

But nursing is only part of her life. Ruch has a side hustle as a professional musician. Her latest album, “Lessons in Falling,” released Oct. 13.

Before she joined the Labor and Delivery team at Regional One Health she discussed her hopes to have a flexible schedule that allowed her to continue recording and touring. Regional One Health encourages employees to follow their passions away from work, something that makes recording and touring possible for Ruch.

“They work with me,” she said. “I feel they appreciate me and I appreciate them. It’s a great partnership. I’ve never felt stressed about having my schedule the way I need it.”

Her parents taught her to appreciate music as a child. She participated in creative writing competitions and did some songwriting. But she never played an instrument. Nursing school didn’t allow for extra time to pursue music.

But after graduation she discovered the guitar during her free time, and wrote her first songs. She’s been touring ever since. And while she loves her life as a musician, her role on the Labor and Delivery team at Regional One Health is her most gratifying work.

“One thing I love about Labor and Delivery is childbirth is one of the most meaningful experiences in a woman’s life,” Ruch said. “It’s one of those profound moments in your life. Even when working with people I don’t know, my goal each day is that no matter what’s going on it’s a meaningful, special and unique experience for them. My goal is to be that patient’s BFF by the end of the day. Vulnerability is how we make meaningful connections. Being there for the patient is one of the most meaningful parts of my job.”

Ruch originally wanted to pursue a career as a psychologist. During her senior year of high school, she realized she was interested in caring for people on a deeper level.

“When my sister was sick growing up I’d take care of her,” Ruch said. “Nursing met my needs and desires as a caretaker at the physical, mental and spiritual levels.”

Ruch didn’t consider Labor and Delivery while a nursing student at the University of Memphis. But during her Labor and Delivery clinical she saw her first birth in person and realized that was her new career focus.

“I cried, I was so moved about it,” Ruch said. “I was moved by the whole experience of watching life happen. From that day something clicked that this is something I want to do. When I got out of nursing school I was bound and determined for Labor and Delivery.”

“I’ve never worked somewhere I’ve been so happy.”

After spending time with other health care organizations, Ruch joined Regional One Health in February 2016 where she is proud to be part of the band, so to speak. She said music enables her to do art for herself, but nursing allows her to do things for others. And working at Regional One Health gives her the chance to take care of patients with high-risk pregnancies.

“I’ve never worked somewhere I’ve been so happy,” she said. “I don’t know that there is a team like this anywhere else in the country. We get the most critical L&D patients. People get along. We support and love each other. We treat employees well here, which is massive.”

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