Foster Grandparents Program

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The Foster Grandparents Program is a national volunteer service program, funded by the Corporation for National Service, that links older Americans with children in need. The program gives the young and old the chance to grow together by supporting one another. Regional One Health has a Memorandum of Understanding with Porter-Leath (PL) for the service of Foster Grandparents and supervision through their Program Coordinator, who also selects each Forster Grandparent. A designated Newborn Center nurse manager is responsible for day-to-day supervision of the Foster Grandparents.

The Foster Grandparents provide one-on-one support to premature infants and newborns. Some of the roles of the Foster Grandparents are to feed infants; stimulate children by rocking, singing, holding and hugging; assist nurses and staff with each child; and volunteer under the direction of the designated nurse manager. The Foster Grandparents also help parents adjust to caring for their baby.


Foster Grandparents serve four (4) hours a day, five (5) days a week and receive a modest stipend, from Porter-Leath (PL) for their services. The minimum time a volunteer can work is 15 hours per week and the maximum is 25 hours per week.


Foster Grandparents must be 55+ years of age, meet income eligibility, enjoy working with the community, have a love for children, and want to make a difference in a child’s life. As with all volunteer opportunities here at Regional One Health, after all application materials are completed and submitted, each applicant must pass a background check, complete tuberculosis screening and immunization review, and attend a Volunteer Orientation.


If you are interested in becoming a Foster Grandparent for Regional One Health, please contact Rose Benson, Porter-Leath Coordinator, at or 901.577.2500, ext. 1121.