The Chaplains’ Assistant Program is an interfaith service designed to assist in providing spiritual care to our patients and their families. The Chaplains’ Assistants are lay people that have completed special training to assist in supporting the spiritual and pastoral care needs of our patients, their families and staff at Regional One Health. The Chaplains’ Assistants come from diverse faith groups and are trained to respond to persons of any or no religious background.

A Chaplains’ Assistant can offer a sensitive listening presence, help to facilitate conversation about spiritual concerns, mobilize the spiritual resources for patients and their families, and make referrals to a Staff Chaplain for follow-up.


The Chaplains’ Assistants make a minimum commitment of six months, providing a minimum of eight hours per month of Pastoral Care to our patients, their families and staff.


The Chaplains’ Assistant must have demonstrated an interest in spiritual care ministry through prior experiences with local faith groups, places of worship and ministerial services.  These Assistants must complete special pastoral care training from the Pastoral Care staff of Regional One Health to serve patients, family members and staff, and be supervised by a Staff Chaplain. As with all volunteer opportunities here at Regional One Health, after all application materials are completed and submitted, each applicant must pass a background check, complete tuberculosis screening and immunization review, and attend a Volunteer Orientation.


If you are interested in becoming a Chaplains’ Assistant, please complete the online Adult Volunteer Application.  For more information, please contact Chaplain D’Arcy A. Deveaux, Sr. by email at [email protected] or call him at 901-545-6270.