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Ask the Experts: Is there anything I can do about hot flashes during menopause?

Hot flashes are the most common symptom of menopause, but there is still no clear answer as to why they happen. While there is no way to prevent or cure hot flashes, doctors can help women avoid triggers and manage their symptoms. Regional One Health's Certified Menopause Practitioners work with their patients to empower them to make the right decisions to improve their quality of life. Say the word menopause, and one of the [...]

December 9th, 2019|

Thomas Trotta’s road trip didn’t include a stop in Memphis – but when disaster struck, Regional One Health’s Subacute Care team made him feel at home.

Thomas Trotta was driving from California to New York when a stroke and car accident dramatically changed his plans. He ended up at Regional One Health's nationally-renowned Subacute Care unit. The medical treatment he received got him back on his feet, but it is the kindness he was shown that made the biggest impression. When Thomas Trotta set out from San Diego this September, his plan was to make the cross-country drive to New [...]

November 21st, 2019|

“Fight your Freddy:” Nathan Lumpkin’s excruciating injury could have made life a horror movie, but he’s thriving thanks to Regional One Health

Nathan Lumpkin, 19, was rushed to the Elvis Presley Trauma Center after his foot was crushed in a work accident. Anesthesiologist Jerry Jones, MD helped Nathan avoid opioids by using continuous peripheral nerve blocks, a technique Dr. Jones has pioneered at Regional One Health. The nerve blocks prevent addiction by never exposing a patient to narcotics in the first place. That was key to a successful recovery and bright future for Nathan.  Nathan Lumpkin [...]

November 18th, 2019|

David Cummings doesn’t remember the hit-and-run that almost killed him – but he’s certain he’s alive today because of Regional One Health

David Cummings was out for a morning jog when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver.  While he doesn't remember the accident that almost killed him, he'll never forget Regional One Health trauma surgeons Dr. Peter Fischer and Dr. Dina Filiberto. They used an innovative procedure to stop bleeding in Cummings' pelvis so they could perform surgery to save his life. No one knows exactly what happened the morning a hit-and-run driver struck David [...]

November 13th, 2019|

Regional One Health’s Wound Care Center offers hope for diabetic wounds through technology and expertise

Diabetic patients are susceptible to foot and lower leg wounds due to poor circulation and damage, and these wounds may not heal on their own. Regional One Health's Wound Care Center can help through a multidisciplinary approach and technology like Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy sparks the body's own healing process by delivering more oxygen and white blood cells to the wound. For serious wounds, it often takes more than ointment and a [...]

November 11th, 2019|

Regional One Health co-hosts complex care conference for national leaders to discuss new ways to help the most vulnerable patients

Regional One Health is the co-host for Putting Care at the Center, the annual conference of the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs. the Nov. 13-15 event will focus on finding new ways to deliver services to vulnerable patients in order to improve their outcomes and reduce costs. Regional One Health's ONE Health complex care initiative has had impressive success on those issues, and leaders hope the conference will be a chance [...]

November 6th, 2019|

During menopause, women are at risk for osteoporosis – here’s what to do to keep your bones strong

During menopause, falling estrogen levels can lead to lower bone density, making women susceptible to fractures. OB/GYN Pallavi Khanna, MD recommends a DEXA scan for bone density for women over age 65. Depending on the results of the scan, she can help patients build stronger bones through lifestyle changes and medication. It’s a story you hear far too often: A senior citizen falls and breaks a bone. It starts a downward spiral that can [...]

November 4th, 2019|

Halloween and Harvest safety is up to all of us – keep this year’s holiday fun with these easy tips from Regional One Health

Halloween frights are meant to be fun and fictional, not tragic and real. But with large numbers of kids taking to dark streets for trick-or-treating, it’s all too easy for something to go wrong. Kids will be out after dark on Halloween for trick-or-treating - and it's up to everyone to help keep them safe. Pamela Finnie, Trauma Program Manager for Regional One Health’s Elvis Presley Trauma Center, said several factors play [...]

October 30th, 2019|

East Campus Imaging Center takes the stress out of getting your test covered by insurance

Imaging tests are usually covered by private insurance and Medicare or Medicaid. But there are steps to go through to ensure your exam is eligible. This can add stress for a patient who is already worried about their health. Susan Edwards, manager at Regional One Health’s East Campus Imaging Center, said her team helps patients navigate the process. They make sure patients know they need a doctor’s order for most tests. They also call [...]

October 25th, 2019|

Ask the Experts: Do you need an antibiotic? Here’s how to know – and why it matters

When antibiotics are prescribed and used properly, they live up to their reputation as “miracle drugs,” helping patients recover quickly and safely. But when the medications aren’t used right, patients can build resistance and bacteria can adapt, creating “superbugs” that don’t respond to existing antibiotics. And since drug makers aren’t devoting time or money to creating new antibiotics, it’s up to everyone to do their part to protect the effectiveness of those that are [...]

October 22nd, 2019|
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