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“We want each patient at the center of her care:” Midwifery offers comprehensive care with a personal touch for every stage of a woman’s life

Regional One Health's certified nurse midwives can help women of all ages live a healthier life. Their personalized, empowering style of care is ideal for everyone - young women seeking honest information and support, expectant moms who want a special birth experience and menopausal women who want to stay active and healthy. Our nurse midwives see patients at our new Kirby Primary Care location and Hollywood Primary Care. Puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, birth, raising children, [...]

October 4th, 2022|

“It made me feel like a rock star!” Rebecca Bishop achieved her childbirth goals with the support of our Certified Nurse Midwives

Regional One Health's certified nurse midwives provide personalized care for all stages of life, with a goal of empowering patients to take an active role in improving their health. For Rebecca Bishop, that meant exceptional prenatal and labor & delivery care that helped her achieve her goal of having a natural childbirth. Rebecca's experience is what our nurse midwives want for all expectant moms: a chance to advocate for the pregnancy and birth experience [...]

October 4th, 2022|

It’s National Midwifery Week! Learn the “myths vs. facts” about a style of care that empowers patients through education, trust and expertise

October 3-9 is National Midwifery Week, and it's a great time to learn about the empowering care provided by the team of Certified Nurse Midwives at Regional One Health. Our nurse midwives see patients for well-woman care and pregnancy and childbirth care, and they provide education and support along with medical expertise. They're available at Kirby Primary Care and Hollywood Primary Care, and Regional One Health is the only hospital in Memphis where women [...]

October 3rd, 2022|

Regional One Health offers comprehensive breast cancer care, from early detection to state-of-the-art treatment

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Regional One Health experts say it's a great time for women to be proactive about getting a screening mammogram. When cancer is identified early, it is much more treatable and survival rates are higher. Regional One Health offers the best screening technology and expertise, as well as a new comprehensive oncology practice that provides  optimal care for patients who are diagnosed with cancer. While about one in [...]

October 3rd, 2022|

“They truly want you to get better:” Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital helps patients like Cynda Bearden get back to living after serious injury

Regional One Health's Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital provides medical care and rehabilitation therapy designed to help patients get back to normal life following a serious illness or injury. Cynda Bearden was a patient in the Rehabilitation Hospital after a serious car accident, and she says the care she received helped heal her body and soul. Cynda, herself a retired nurse, said the nurses, therapists and physicians who cared for her did so with both compassion and [...]

September 21st, 2022|

Ask the Experts: Why am I dizzy and off-balance, and how can a physical therapist help?

Vertigo and dizziness can be disruptive to day-to-day life, and can put you at a higher risk of severe injury from falls. A form of physical therapy known as vestibular therapy can help through customized treatment plans. Many patients can erase symptoms and get back to normal, sometimes in as little as one treatment session. If vertigo, dizziness and balance problems are disrupting your life, a specialized form of physical therapy called vestibular therapy can [...]

September 14th, 2022|

Ask the Experts: These four imaging scans can help protect your health as you age

Staying current with preventative screenings is especially important as you age, as it can help you catch serious illness while it is more easily treatable. Our East Campus Imaging Center offers state-of-the-art screening to help detect cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis and more. Talk to your primary care provider about your screening needs, and follow through with the tests that can keep you healthy well into your Golden Years. When it comes to serious illness, [...]

September 14th, 2022|

Ask the Experts: Better self-care starts in your primary care provider’s exam room

Everyone needs to learn self-care skills - and take the time to use them - in order to live a healthy, balanced life. Your primary care provider can help empower you to do just that. They can counsel you on diet, exercise, sleep and other lifestyle changes, and connect you with resources to address social and emotional wellness. Self-care is crucial to a healthy, fulfilling life – so why not make it part of your [...]

August 16th, 2022|

After four years of success, ONE Health leaders say complex care strategies can expand to support additional patient populations

Our ONE Health complex care program is a national leader in helping vulnerable patients by addressing their medical and social needs. ONE Health leaders and supporters recently gathered to watch a film about the program and talk about how it can expand in the future. The goal is to serve more uninsured patients and apply their strategies to other groups, like patients using Medicaid and private insurance. Over the past four years, Regional One [...]

August 5th, 2022|

Reginald Coopwood, MD, Regional One Health President and CEO, to be inducted into the Tennessee Health Care Hall of Fame

Regional One Health President and CEO Reginald Coopwood, MD is one of the 2022 inductees in Belmont University's Tennessee Health Care Hall of Fame. Dr. Coopwood's leadership at Regional One Health has led to expanded clinical expertise, improved access to care throughout the community, a successful complex care program, health care innovation and more. The Health Care Hall of Fame honors individuals who, like Dr. Coopwood, have made a lasting positive impact on health [...]

August 2nd, 2022|