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“He’s courageous:” Robert Mayweather has found new life and new hope thanks to Dr. David Shibata and Regional One Health Cancer Care

Regional One Health Cancer Care makes the most advanced, complex surgical procedures available to patients throughout the Mid-South. For Robert Mayweather, it has provided a chance to regain his quality of life. After receiving care from nationally-renowned surgical oncologist Dr. David Shibata, Robert is getting back to the things that matter most and feels reinvigorated in his fight against cancer. When Robert Mayweather describes Dr. David Shibata, the surgeon he credits with giving him his [...]

January 23rd, 2024|

New program helps fulfill Regional One Health’s mission of investing in its employees

Regional One Health is partnering with the Global Institute of Higher Learning to offer clinical skills training for non-clinical employees. The program gives our employees a chance to grow in their careers, which is part of our mission to create an empowring, supportive work environment. Regional One Health strives to create a work environment that supports employees who wish to grow and develop their professional skills, and a new initiative fulfills that mission by offering [...]

January 22nd, 2024|

Ask the Experts: What can I do to manage my risk from breast cancer?

Is it possible to minimize your risk from breast cancer? According to a leading expert, the answer is yes! Dr. Ashley Hendrix, a breast surgical oncologist with Regional One Health Cancer Care, says women can take steps to manage their risk, catch breast cancer early, and seek appropriate treatment if they are diagnosed. This New Year, learn how to take charge of your breast health and manage your risk for breast cancer. One in eight [...]

January 19th, 2024|

“I get to be here:” Regina Bunker is grateful that her annual screening mammogram put her on the path to becoming a breast cancer survivor

Regional One Health lab tech Regina Bunker never expected a routine mammogram to turn into a life-changing event. But when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, Regina needed two surgeries, radiation treatments, and medication to be declared cancer-free. Now a proud breast cancer survivor, Regina is making it her mission to encourage other women to get their annual screening mammogram. When Regina Bunker went for her annual mammogram on her lunch break, she never expected [...]

January 17th, 2024|

Ask the Experts: Reduce your risk of fall-related injuries at work, home and outdoors

Falls were the third most common source of injury treated at the Elvis Presley Trauma Center last year, causing everything from broken bones to head injuries. Fortunately, falls are preventable, and our trauma experts are sharing their advice for how to stay safe. By evaluating your fall risk, staying healthy and fit, and removing tripping hazards from your home, you can do your part to avoid fall injuries. Falls can lead to serious injuries, and [...]

January 16th, 2024|

This New Year, take control of your breast health with awareness and screening

The start of the New Year is a great time to resolve to protect your breast health - and that means being aware of risk factors and symptoms and taking advantage of screening options. Dr. Ashley Hendrix, a breast surgical oncologist with Regional One Health Cancer Care, said better screening and treatment options have led to a reduction in breast cancer deaths. She encourages women to talk to their health care provider about their screening [...]

January 15th, 2024|

“Bringing living hope:” Johnson Auxiliary, Presbyterian leaders dedicate renovated chapel at Regional One Health

Regional One Health recently celebrated renovations to the Alice H. Davies Chapel, a project spearheaded by Presbyterian Women of the Mid-South (PC-USA) and the John K. and Katherine Johnson Auxiliary. The project brought upgraded lighting, recovered pew seats, new stained glass and more to the 40-year-old chapel. Our chapel is an essential part of our services, providing a place to host ecumenical worship services and a location where patients, family members and staff can find [...]

January 9th, 2024|

Ask the Experts: If you’re looking to get fit this year, here’s how to avoid injury while you do it

If you're looking to improve your fitness in 2024, it's important to follow some basic guidelines to reduce your risk of injury. Our Post-Rehab Wellness Program at the Center for Rehabilitative Medicine helps patients exercise safely and return to fitness activities following rehab for an injury or illness. Here's their expert advice on how anyone can avoid injury and improve their fitness in the New Year. Improving physical fitness is one of the most popular [...]

January 4th, 2024|

“They saved my life:” After three months as a patient, Payton Carter returned to Regional One Health on her own terms to say thank you

Payton Carter recently made the trip from Kentucky to Memphis for a very special reason - to thank the providers at Regional One Health who she credits with saving her life. Payton was rushed to the Elvis Presley Trauma Center with life-threatening injuries after a car accident. Thanks to the expert medical care and compassion she received at the trauma center and our Extended Care Hospital, she is back to her life and even hoping [...]

December 21st, 2023|

Ask the Experts: How do I protect myself from prostate cancer?

One in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime, but with early detection and proper care, the disease is curable. Dr. Bilawal Ahmed, a medical oncologist with Regional One Health Cancer Care, urges men to be vigilant about risk factors, symptoms and screening. Urinary problems and pain in the back, hips or pelvis can be signs of prostate cancer, so talk to your health care provider if you're experiencing any of [...]

December 19th, 2023|