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Your Legacy of Generosity: Estate Planning

Giving Through an Estate Plan Is a Simple Way to Provide Future Support Founded with a commitment to public health in 1829, the hospital, now called Regional Medical Center, has conquered many medical challenges over the years from cholera, yellow-fever epidemics, and widespread influenza, to HIV/AIDS. Today, the three-hospital system of Regional One Health [...]

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Spring 2014: One Community. One Pulse

ONE COMMUNITY. ONE PULSE. These smiling cyclists were just a few of the many supporters who participated in the annual “Ride for Your Mind” event on October 12 . The event raised over $6,000 to benefit Regional One Health’s traumatic brain injury services. Elvis Presley fans from all over the world feel close to [...]

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Regional One Health Foundation Funds Specialized Training for First Responders in Arkansas and the Mid-South

We often speak about lives saved and medical advances made inside the halls of Regional Medical Center, but the philanthropic impact of Regional One Health Foundation expands beyond the hospital walls. Backed by a recent grant from the Helena Health Foundation, Regional One Health will provide specialized training that is designed to improve outcomes [...]

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Industry-Leading Best Practices

Regional Medical Center Recognized at the Johns Hopkins Best Practices in Patient- Centered Care Conference In late September 2013, Regional Medical Center, a part of Regional One Health, was one of only a handful of medical facilities across the country invited to present at a conference on Best Practices in Patient-Centered Care hosted by [...]

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The Unintentional Pioneer

How One Man Changed the Face of Healthcare as We Know It Shelley, as close friends and family fondly called him, was raised with an appreciation for hard work and determination. His beliefs were shaped in large part by his Russian grandparents with whom he spent much time as a small boy. His grandfather, [...]

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Spring 2014- Board Member Spotlight

Thomas Hussey: Regional One Health Foundation Board Of Directors Chairman Thomas Hussey joined Regional One Health Foundation’s, formerly MED Foundation’s, Board of Directors nearly four years ago because he not only wanted to be part of an organization that does such good for so many people, but also because he personally wanted to do [...]

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Expansion. Growth. Progress: Firefighters Burn Center

The Newly Expanded Firefighters Regional Burn Center Sets the Stage for Future Growth “Expansion.” “Growth.” “Progress.” These are just a few of the words that best describe the transformation currently happening at Regional One Health’s Firefighters Regional Burn Center. Deep in the halls of Regional Medical Center, within the building named the Turner Tower [...]

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