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Dallas miracle arrives at Regional One Health

Memphis was a pit stop, an opportunity to enjoy lunch in the park before continuing their drive to Cincinnati from Dallas. Angela and Joseph Keys were driving through Memphis for a long weekend to visit his parents in Cincinnati. Roughly the halfway point between Dallas and Cincinnati, Memphis was a logical lunch stop. Plus, [...]

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New transition room for mom and baby now in use at Regional Medical Center

Shelmonie and baby Chase were the first to use the new transition room at Regional Medical Center. The neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Regional Medical Center is a home away from home for some of this community's tiniest new citizens. For days, weeks and sometimes months, parents wait with anticipation for the [...]

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Regional Medical Center Recognized for Leadership in Improving Infant Health

Pictured left to right: Rebecca Lorentino, RN; Tammie Hicks, RN; Trina Ellis, Nurse Manager; Candace Rhea, PCC; Christina Gardner, RN; Karen Hamilton, PCC; Lisa Hayden, RN Educator; Latoya Morris, RN; and Mike McConnell, CRNA. Regional Medical Center has been recognized by the Tennessee Hospital Association’s (THA) Tennessee Center for Patient Safety for [...]

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Regional Medical Center Joins Safe Sleep Initiative for Infants

As part of the effort to save lives and lower Tennessee’s infant mortality rate, Regional Medical Center has partnered with the Tennessee Department of Health to reduce infant deaths by creating a hospital safe sleep policy. “Infants should sleep Alone, on their Back and in a Crib. As a hospital committed to improving community health [...]

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