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Important news for TennCare patients: Renewals are underway, and Regional One Health is here to help you through the process so you don’t lose your coverage

Every year, TennCare goes through a renewal process, and patients may need to take steps to avoid losing their coverage. If TennCare staff are not able to auto-renew your coverage, you'll need to renew online, in person, by phone or by mail. Regional One Health is here to help. If you have questions about the [...]

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Regional One Health is offering a new service to help patients with sleep disorders

Regional One Health is introducing a new service at our East Campus to help patients with sleep disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, hypersomnia and circadian rhythm disorders. Dr. Pralhad Sharma, a board-certified pulmonary, critical care, and sleep physician looks forward to improving access to care for patients who want to improve their sleep and overall [...]

2023-04-25T07:51:05-06:00April 25th, 2023|

50 years of giving back: Johnson Auxiliary celebrates legacy of supporting Regional One Health patients, visitors and employees

The John K. and Katherine Johnson Auxiliary was started by a group of Presbyterian women to support the needs of Regional One Health patients and staff. For 50 years, the Auxiliary has done just that, building a legacy that has had a positive impact on the health of families throughout the Mid-South. The Auxiliary [...]

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Ask the Experts: Prevention, detection and expert treatment all play a role in reducing colorectal cancer deaths

Regional One Health physicians can help patients prevent, detect and treat colorectal cancer thanks to exceptional primary care, screening and oncology services. A routine colonoscopy can diagnose, prevent and treat colorectal cancer, and experts recommend that average-risk men and women have their first test at age 45. Talk to your health care provider about your [...]

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Ask the Experts: When do I need emergency care for an allergic reaction?

Dr. Chantay Smartt, who sees patients for both primary care and medical emergencies, said it's important to know the signs of a life-threatening allergic reaction. If a patient experiences hives, wheezing and difficulty breathing after being exposed to allergens like insect bites, foods or medications, call 911 immediately. Patients with severe allergies should always discuss [...]

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