Davin Johnson Nurse Midwife Regional One Health

Davin Johnson, MSN, CNM

“I’ve wanted to deliver babies since the 2nd grade. It’s what I said when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, and there’s an old photo somewhere at my mom’s house to prove it. I couldn’t have fully planned or mapped out my path to midwifery if I tried, but I truly believe the Lord set my path.”

Indeed, Davin Johnson, MSN, CNM will celebrate her 11th year as a Certified Nurse Midwife this December. She’s spent the last six at Regional One Health. “I’m driven and motivated by passion for this field. There is no other career I would rather have,” Davin said. “I have compassion for the women we care for, and I hope to educate and empower communities by educating and empowering the women that live and mother in them.”

For Davin, being a nurse midwife is an opportunity to provide personalized care and not only help patients build their families, but keep those families and themselves healthy. “Some of my most memorable moments are from attending multiple births with the same mother or within the same family and feeling both the appreciation and a bond…like I’m now a part of that family in a way or at least a figure in their story,” she said.

Outside of work, Davin stays business with hobbies, families and friends. “I enjoy reading fiction, traveling to new places, watching anime, singing and dancing. I’m not saying I’m good at these last two, I just enjoy it!”

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