Regional One Health’s new South Third Pharmacy is now open inside the Cash Saver grocery at 1977 S. Third St., creating an opportunity to build a healthier community by offering convenient access to medications and expert guidance from a familiar, trusted face.

Lead Pharmacist Terrel Champan, DPh

The pharmacy is in the same shopping center as Regional One Health’s South Third Primary Care clinic, so patients can see their health care provider and pick up any needed prescriptions all in one location. It also offers convenient access for patients, with hours Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-7 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Other benefits include discounted prices on many generic medications and a private area for pharmacist consultation. Most insurance plans are accepted.

Tish Towns, Regional One Health chief administrative officer and senior vice president, said the South Third Pharmacy builds on the system’s commitment to the area. “Regional One Health is excited to collaborate with Cash Saver to provide this new service. Our organizations share a common goal of providing access to important services in this community, and we look forward to providing convenient access to individuals who live, work and shop in the community.”

Pharmacist Brandon Slaughter, PharmD

After Cash Saver opened in August, Regional One Health entered an agreement with Castle Retail Group to operate the pharmacy in the grocery store with an eye to serving the surrounding community’s medical needs. The Regional One Health pharmacy will fill the void of a pharmacy that closed when the grocery store’s previous operator left the neighborhood.

“The experience of reopening this store as a Cash Saver in South Memphis has been the most rewarding of my career,” said Rick James, owner of Cash Saver. “And now seeing Regional One Health bring the pharmacy back, along with the value of their healthcare expertise, is fantastic. Our customers have been very excited about the prospect of a pharmacy in Southgate Shopping Center, and we’re pleased to partner with Regional One Health to make it a reality.”

It will be managed by lead pharmacist Terrel Chapman, DPh, who was the provider at the previous pharmacy and has built strong ties to patients in the neighborhood throughout his career. He will be joined by Brandon Slaughter, PharmD, to serve patient needs.

Regional One Health’s South Third Pharmacy brings experienced providers and affordable pricing to a location that had previously been underserved.

Chapman operates with the belief that a pharmacist should do more than dispense drugs. Since pharmacists often see patients every month rather than just once or twice a year like a physician, he views his role as a golden opportunity to provide the counseling and education patients need to stay on the right track and improve their quality of life:

“All of my professional career has been in that area. I feel like part of the community, without a doubt,” Chapman said. “I’m really excited about going back there and creating a situation where I can meet their needs.”

Matt Wilson, PharmD, Regional One Health Outpatient Pharmacy Manager, said the system is proud to help keep a respected, trusted professional in the area. “His heart is in this community and we look forward to the positive impact he will make with patients’ pharmaceutical needs as well as overall healthcare needs,” Wilson said. “Terrel practiced and had a successful pharmacy in this neighborhood for decades, and he definitely is a pillar in the community.”

Like other Regional One Health outpatient pharmacies, the South Third location is a full-service pharmacy available to both patients and non-patients of the health system.

To order or refill a prescription or to speak with a member of the pharmacy team, call 901-515-4646.