Plastic Surgery and Laser Center

Plastic Surgery and Laser Center 2016-12-14T16:01:07+00:00

plastics clinic

Our plastic surgery and laser center is a new clinic site where our team sees patients seeking reconstructive surgery and cosmetic services. We use the latest technology to improve form and function. This clinic is recognized for:

■     Experience: Highly qualified and internationally-renowned physicians with faculty status at UT Health Science Center.

■     State of the art facilities and unrivaled technology: Our brand new facility has two types of laser technology for scar reformation and improving the surface and function of the skin.

■     Safety: The clinic is ajacent to the newest and most modern surgery center in the area as well as other hospital-based services, providing a high level of safety and support resulting in excellent outcomes.

To contact our plastic surgery and laser center, please call 901-515-5665.

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