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Robotic surgery can offer more treatment options for patients – all with lower risk, less pain, and a quicker recovery

Robotic surgery is an excellent option for many patients, including those who previously didn't qualify for other types of procedures. At Regional One Health, general surgeon Dr. Nabajit Choudhury provides robotic procedures for hernia repair, gallbladder removal, and more. These procedures are minimally invasive, which means patients have fewer complications and an easier recovery. [...]

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A general surgeon can address hernias, gallbladder problems and more – often with a low-risk minimally-invasive procedure

Sometimes, a visit to your primary care provider or the emergency room will result in a referral to a general surgeon. Dr. Nabajit Choudhury, a general surgeon at Regional One Health, determines the best course of treatment for issues like hernias, gallbladder problems and more. Sometimes, patients can manage their conditions through medication or [...]

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Finding expert cancer care close to home was a game-changer for Herrick Norcross: “I could tell they genuinely cared how I was doing”

During National Cancer Survivors Month, Regional One Health Cancer Care is proud to improve access to world-class oncology services right here in Memphis. That makes a lifesaving difference for patients like Herrick Norcross, who was grateful to find expert treatment close to home after he was unexpectedly diagnosed with liver cancer. After seeing Regional One [...]

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Ask the Experts: When do I need to see a colorectal surgeon?

Colorectal surgeons like Elizabeth Wood, MD treat a variety of conditions, from benign issues like hemhorroids and Inflammatory Bowel Disease to colon and rectal cancers. Dr. Wood always looks for the least invasive surgical approach possible to minimize scarring, risk and recovery. She encourages patients who are experiencing gastrointestinal symptoms to see a health care [...]

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Regional One Health’s new Surgical Oncology service elevates cancer care through state-of-the-art expertise and compassionate approach

Regional One Health's new Surgical Oncology practice is led by national experts in the treatment of a variety of cancer diagnoses. They use the latest technology to provide robotic and minimally invasive procedures that effectively treat cancer while protecting patients' quality of life. By offering a multidisciplinary team and exceptional resources, they are providing patient-focused [...]

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