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Investing in a Brighter Future: Part 2

Meet Recent Graduate: Julia Davis Julia Davis is a recent graduate of the Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program. She became a victim of a violent crime on Christmas Eve of 2014 when she was shot in the arm and jaw. Julia was rushed to the Elvis Presley Trauma Center where she says her life was [...]

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Investing in a Brighter Future: Part 1

Thanks to generous supporters like you, Regional One Health Foundation funded the pilot for a new Hospital-Based Violence Intervention Program. The program is playing a critical role in helping at-risk youth escape violence and poverty to pursue better, more positive opportunities. As the Medical Director of the Elvis Presley Trauma Center at Regional One [...]

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Dan Case

Dan Case may be 82-years-old, but that doesn’t stop him from riding his bicycle from his home to many destinations around Midtown Memphis. Dan believes in ecologically friendly modes of transportation. He also believes in giving back to society. One way he does that is by supporting Regional One Health Foundation. Dan has grown [...]

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Geraldine Sanders

Thirty-four years ago, Geraldine Sanders suddenly received terrifying news. Her mother, who worked in a large commercial laundry, had caught her arm in a press and been badly burned. She was treated at what was then called John Gaston Hospital, and Geraldine never forgot the professionalism of the staff as they cared for her [...]

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Inaugural ONE Round Golf Classic

A round of thanks to our generous sponsors of the inaugural ONE Round Golf Classic held on Monday, October 24, 2016, at the beautiful Spring Creek Ranch. The event was a huge success with guest appearances from professional golfers Will Hogue, Ally McDonald and Michelle McGann. This annual fundraiser provides support for life-saving care and [...]

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HIV Get Down Campaign

Brandon’s eye-catching masterpiece is a 60-yard-long mural on the side of the Diversified Conveyors building at 960 S. Bellevue in South Memphis. The project was huge, and Brandon donated a portion of his time to make sure the mural would have the greatest possible impact. Volunteering his time is typical of this native Memphian. [...]

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Mildred Richards

“Being told you’re HIV positive is life changing,” Mildred says. “From the moment I received that diagnosis, I ceased to see myself as myself. I became this virus and everything that was associated with it. I felt guilty; I felt ashamed; I felt like I was disgusting.” Mildred had just had a baby, who [...]

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Feature Story: Power Over HIV, Part 2

"Get Down" — Power Over HIV “Medical advances have progressed HIV/ AIDS from being a terminal disease to a chronic disease,” says Dr. John Norwood, an infectious diseases physician and medical director of the center. “Patients used to take multiple pills every day, but now they only have to take one, and it’s more [...]

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Feature Story: Power Over HIV, Part 1

“Being HIV-positive is no longer a death sentence,” says Gwen Reese. “There may not be a cure yet, but life-changing treatments are now available.” Gwen is director the of clinical services at the Adult Special Care Center at Regional One Health. The center strives to meet the medical and psychosocial needs of those living [...]

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Happenings: Summer 2016

UTROP Physicians’ Conference Dr. Lebron Cooper, Dr. Roberto Levi-D’Ancona and Dr. Daniel Martin attended the inaugural UTROP Physicians’ Conference sponsored by the Regional One Health Foundation. The conference featured keynote speaker and workshop leader Daniel K. Zismer, PHD. Dr. Zismer’s areas of interest include the design, strategy, operations and financial performance of integrated health systems. [...]

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