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Regional One Health Center For Innovation

Changing the Future of Health Care One Idea at a Time James Park and Eric Friedman had the idea that a small wearable device could transform people’s health. They thought if a product was fun and engaging it could change the way people move and increase their activity. In 2007, when wireless technology had [...]

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Feature Story: Population Health: Pt 2

Technology reduces wait times Aside from no longer passing people from place to place for their care, Regional One Health is also tackling wait times. When people check in, they receive an ID badge. Embedded in the badge is an RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip. This chip allows us to track how long they’ve been [...]

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Feature Story: Population Health: Pt 1

Every person drives the overall health of the community. Regional One Health is committed to helping our community achieve its healthiest state. A focus on population health requires us to deliver care in a different way, and we’re rising to the challenge. A study by the Kaiser Foundation reveals that the health care a [...]

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