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Ask the Experts: Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of injury and death, but everyone can do their part to stay safe

In 2023, our Elvis Presley Trauma Center treated over 2,000 patients for injuries from automobile accidents. It's the most common type of injury our team treated, but the good news is many of these injuries can be prevented. By using your seatbelt, avoiding distractions, following the rules of the road and more, you can keep [...]

2024-03-19T07:09:09-06:00March 19th, 2024|

Ask the Experts: Reduce your risk of fall-related injuries at work, home and outdoors

Falls were the third most common source of injury treated at the Elvis Presley Trauma Center last year, causing everything from broken bones to head injuries. Fortunately, falls are preventable, and our trauma experts are sharing their advice for how to stay safe. By evaluating your fall risk, staying healthy and fit, and removing tripping [...]

2024-01-09T09:16:28-06:00January 16th, 2024|

12 days of injury prevention: Avoid common holiday safety hazards with these tips from our trauma and burn care experts

Don't allow common holiday injuries to ruin your enjoyment of the season! Our experts from the Elvis Presley Trauma Center and Firefighters Burn Center are offering "12 days of injury prevention" tips to keep you and your family safe. Whether you're decorating, planning a holiday meal, or going to and from gatherings, follow their easy [...]

2023-11-29T10:15:50-06:00December 5th, 2023|

“I can’t imagine being anywhere else:” World-class burn care helped Christen Jones get back to life feeling stronger than ever

Christen Jones suffered severe burn injuries at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a nearly month-long stay at Regional One Health's Firefighters Burn Center. While the isolation caused by the pandemic and the challenges of recovering from her injury were never easy, Christen found compassion and support every step of the way. Now, [...]

2023-10-04T14:40:43-06:00November 1st, 2023|

During Fire Prevention Week, do your part to prevent cooking fires, the leading cause of house fires in the U.S.

During Fire Prevention Week, officials at our Firefighters Burn Center are educating the public about preventing the number one cause of home fires - cooking. Following simple steps like monitoring food while cooking, keeping the stove clean and making sure to turn off appliances can keep you and your family safe. Remember - it's [...]

2023-10-04T07:11:05-06:00October 8th, 2023|

Ask the Experts: With youth sports back in action, take care to prevent injuries with these tips from our trauma team

Kids are returning to competitive and recreational sports now that a new school year is underway. Sports can be a positive experience for young athletes, but they can also put them at risk for injury. Our trauma experts have advice for staying healthy and injury-free. With the school year underway, many kids are returning not [...]

2023-09-05T07:14:26-06:00September 13th, 2023|
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