May is National Trauma Awareness Month, making it a great time to learn how you can help keep our community safe.

Regional One Health’s Elvis Presley Trauma Center offers a variety of free classes focused on health and safety issues that impact Memphis and the Mid-South.

Classes are held year-round for schools, civic groups, churches, etc. – sign up today and learn how you can help save a life!

As the Mid-South’s level-one trauma center, the Elvis Presley Trauma Center’s mission includes not just caring for critically injured patients, but providing education and outreach about safety topics that impact members of our community.

During National Trauma Awareness Month in May, Regional One Health’s trauma experts are encouraging individuals and organizations in Memphis and the Mid-South to take advantage of free training programs that can prevent injuries and even save lives.

National Trauma Awareness Month is an annual event dedicated to promoting injury prevention and safety practices. Geretta Hollins, Community Outreach/Injury Prevention Program Coordinator for Burn/Trauma Services at Regional One Health, said that makes it the perfect time to schedule a safety class by contacting [email protected]

“National Trauma Awareness Month aims to engage individuals, communities and organizations in the effort to reduce the incidence of injuries and mitigate their impact,” Hollins said.

“This year’s theme is Injury Prevention Is Everyone’s Business. Given the documented increase in trauma-related injuries nationwide, the theme is timely and fitting for all trauma centers to advocate. Raising awareness and supporting prevention efforts is more important than ever.”

Regional One Health’s Fall Prevention class teaches high-risk individuals how to safeguard against falls at home and work.

To do so, Regional One Health offers several injury prevention programs at no cost. Schools, businesses, civic organizations, churches, etc. throughout the service area can schedule classes.

“Our injury prevention sessions are practical and easy to comprehend, and they can truly help save lives,” Hollins said. “We offer several programs, all aimed at preventing the type of injuries we frequently see at the Elvis Presley Trauma Center.”

The Fall Prevention class is aimed at high-risk individuals, especially the elderly, to teach how to prevent falls at work or home. The sessions focus on practical steps such as making sure medications or vision problems don’t cause balance issues, removing fall hazards like clutter and cords, doing strength training exercises, and wearing proper footwear.

Stop the Bleed is a registered program of the American College of Surgeons that teaches first aid for life-threatening bleeding. The program can help bystanders use simple techniques, such as applying pressure and packing wounds, to help injury victims avoid fatal blood loss.

Be SMART, a training program created by Everytown for Gun Safety, promotes responsible gun ownership by teaching about safe gun storage and raising awareness about preventing child gun deaths. The program helps gun owners find the right gun storage solution for their specific needs and teaches how to talk to others about gun safety.

Stop the Bleed offers hands-on training on how bystanders can provide first aid for life-threatening bleeding.

The Distracted Driving and Violence Prevention program is taught by state troopers and is aimed at teenage drivers. The program focuses on the dangers of impaired driving.

Hollins encourages community members who are interested in scheduling a class to reach out at [email protected]. Classes are offered year-round.

The Elvis Presley Trauma Center is the only Level-1 Trauma Center in a 150-mile radius of Memphis. A multispecialty team of experts is available 24/7 to treat the most critically injured patients from Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and parts of Missouri.

The Firefighters Burn Center is the only full-service burn center in 400 miles of Memphis that is verified by the American Burn Association. It provides comprehensive care including emergency and critical care, intensive care, specialized burn rehabilitation, and laser and plastic surgery.

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