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“Life is what you make of it:” With faith, determination and expert care, Stephanie Love is reclaiming her independence after a stroke

After Memphis-Shelby County School Board member Stephanie Love had a stroke at just 41 years old, she was determined to get back to advocating for local students, parents and teachers. She turned to Regional One Health Outpatient Rehabilitation for the care she needed to relearn to walk, talk and perform day-to-day tasks. Now, Stephanie continues [...]

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Memphis Magazine’s 2023 “Top Doctors” list features 16 Regional One Health physicians

Memphis Magazine is honoring 16 Regional One Health physicians as part of its 2023 "Top Doctors" list. The physicians represent a variety of specialties and are recognized for having the highest level of training, clinical skills, and interpersonal skills. Regional One Health is grateful for all of the dedicated doctors who provide lifesaving, life-changing care [...]

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It’s summertime, and the grilling can be safe and easy – just follow these tips from our Elvis Presley Trauma Center team!

Part of the lifesaving work our team at the Elvis Presley Trauma Center provides is education the community about important safety information. As the summer heats up, they're turning their attention to backyard barbecues and grilling safety. If you stay vigilant while grilling and follow some simple safety steps, you can stay safe and [...]

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Finding expert cancer care close to home was a game-changer for Herrick Norcross: “I could tell they genuinely cared how I was doing”

During National Cancer Survivors Month, Regional One Health Cancer Care is proud to improve access to world-class oncology services right here in Memphis. That makes a lifesaving difference for patients like Herrick Norcross, who was grateful to find expert treatment close to home after he was unexpectedly diagnosed with liver cancer. After seeing Regional One [...]

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Focused ultrasound offers relief from hand tremors without surgery – meaning less risk, easier recovery and no hospital stay.

Focused ultrasound can provide relief for hand tremors caused by essential tremor with no incision and no hospital stay. That means it has fewer risks and an easier recovery time compared to surgical procedures for essential tremor, such as Deep Brain Stimulation, RF Thalamotomy, and Gamma Knife Surgery. Most focused ultrasound patients have few side [...]

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Ask the Experts: It may be uncomfortable, but don’t shy away from discussing prostate and colorectal cancer symptoms

Prostate cancer and colorectal cancer are two of the most common cancer diagnoses among American men, and they're also the two men are least eager to talk about. It's important to speak up early if you experience symptoms, because screening and treatment are available for both diseases. When caught early, both prostate cancer and colorectal [...]

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Ask the Experts: Am I a good candidate to have a focused ultrasound to address my hand tremors?

If hand tremors from essential tremor are making it hard to take care of yourself and enjoy your favorite activities, you may be a good candidate for Focused Ultrasound. This non-surgical procedure, which is available at Regional One Health's East Campus Imaging Center, can provide immediate, lasting relief for hand tremors with no incision and [...]

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“I owe my life to Regional One Health:” Having a full-service burn center nearby made a lifesaving difference for Bruce Harrison

Bruce Harrison needed emergency burn care after being injured in a jet ski explosion. Thanks to our Firefighters Burn Center, the only full-service burn center in a 400-mile radius verified by the American Burn Association, Bruce was able to return to normal activities. The burn Center's mission is to provide that opportunity to [...]

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