On January 16, 2019 President, Thea Adell, called to order the first quarterly meeting of One
Club. Thea welcomed members asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the
November meeting. The motion was moved to the floor for members’ vote and then approved.

One Club Treasurer, Shade Robinson, thanked members being quick to pay their dues and
making her job easy. Shade gave the membership a financial update and status of the
kangaroo chair that has been ordered for the NICU as a gift from One Club.

Regional One Health Spotlight – Angela Hughes

Community Affairs and Engagement Manager, Angela Hughes, provided the membership with
a “spotlight moment” on best practices for volunteering within ROH. Angela reviewed ways to
volunteer and distinguished between level I and level II events for members. A level I
volunteer event is one where volunteers will be interacting or potentially in contact with
patients (comfort cart or baby cuddling) and will need tuberculosis screening, flu shot and
immunization review on file.. A level II event volunteers will not be interacting with patients
and is open to all members. All volunteers are asked to be mindful of the privacy of patients
and to adhere to the standards and policies of Regional One Health.

One Club Events Coordinator, Amanda Damron, gave an update on the upcoming events her
committee has planned. Amanda passed around event information and signup list during the
meeting to recruit volunteers. She also explained that all members (level I and level II
volunteers) are welcome to help with these events. The volunteer opportunities Amanda has
planned for the first half of the year are listed below.

Wednesday, January 23rd, 11:30 am – 1pm
Camping Out with Outpatient Center at ROH

Wednesday, February 6th, 10:00 am
Valentine’s for the NICU babies/Adams building conference room

April 23rd
Wellness bags for ROH patients and families

July 10th
County Fair for Emergency Services and Burn

Onc Club Membership Chair, Ali Fowler, gave the club an update on current membership. Ali
welcomed and introduced new members Meg Galvin, Charlotte Gillespie, Sherica Hymes and
Beverly Stephens to the club.

One Club Vice President, Jeni McBride, provided the club with an “elevator pitch” that we can
use to tell the community who we are and what we do.

One Club is a group of 100 women who serve as ambassadors for Regional One Health by giving, advocating
and providing activities within the hospital and throughout the community.

Director of Special Events for ROH foundation, Mary Catherine Burke, reminded members
that 2019 One Night Gala is Saturday, April 13th. She encouraged members to see Edwyna
Bonner Jones if they would like to volunteer before or during the gala.

One Club President, Thea Adell, pointed out a few goals she would like to see transpire this
year. Thea would like to see the One Club website up and running efficiently for the members.
She believes it is important to continue the tradition of gifting ROH a nice gift from One Club
each year. Lastly, she has noticed the huge impact ONE Health is having on the community
and would like to find a way for One Club to support ROH in this area.

Thea thanked the members for the great turnout and announced that the next meeting will be
held on Tuesday, April 23rd in the evening.

Meeting adjourned