Regional One Health Foundation’s mission is to advance medical excellence while realizing a brighter future for health care in Memphis and the surrounding region. As associate director of development for Regional One Health Foundation, Patrick Byrne plays a vital role in that mission. His responsibilities include overseeing major gifts, annual giving and various fundraising initiatives that support Regional One Health.

Patrick Byrne

Innovation is at the heart of what’s next for the Regional One Health Foundation. One of its main immediate goals is to raise money for the Regional One Health Center for Innovation, not only to build out its future physical space but also fund its staffing and operations.

Regional One Health launched the Center for Innovation in 2016 as a way to apply disruptive thinking to health care to create a new care model. The Center for Innovation embraces what are sometimes unconventional ideas, providing a space to turn them into new ways to provide health care.

“There is so much that can come of the Center for Innovation and benefit Regional One Health as it leads to growth in so many areas,” Byrne said. “Things that are successful will not only have an impact here at Regional One Health but make a tremendous difference in the long-term patient experience. There are a lot of wonderful opportunities.”

Byrne’s work includes identifying opportunities in the Memphis area as well as nationwide to form partnerships with organizations, foundations, individuals and corporations to advance the exceptional health care at Regional One Health.

“He will build a major gifts program that has very ambitious goals,” said Tammie Ritchey, CFRE, vice president of development and executive director of Regional One Health Foundation. “He has a good strategic mind and sees the big picture. He’s terribly smart, competitive and cares deeply about improving Memphis.”

“It’s relationships,” he said. “It’s getting to know people and their interests and plugging them in to that opportunity that can form a long-standing, lasting relationship. We want to build from the ground up and build strong relationships that are lasting.”

Byrne previously spent 10 years as director of sales and marketing for the AutoZone Liberty Bowl. If his name is familiar it’s possibly because the University of Memphis graduate played quarterback for the Tigers football team from 2002 through 2006.

He proudly displays his football jersey and helmet in his office, but his new focus is on helping Regional One Health’s staff, nurses and physicians provide exceptional care to the Memphis community. As Byrne learned more about Regional One Health’s role in the community, he said he was excited to pursue the opportunity.

“I had my finger on the pulse of things in Memphis and Regional One Health was one where I saw things taking place,” he said. “It’s an opportunity to be at a place I felt was making tremendous strides and to be at a place that makes a big impact on the lives of many Memphians.

“I feel much more connected to what I’m doing when I’m helping others,” Byrne added. “Here at Regional One Health, each and every day the mission is right there in front of you.”

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