Memphis Medical News feature story

Robert Wake, MD

Dr. Robert Wake, MD, and the urology team at Regional One Health are using the latest technologies for the detection and diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The UroNav fusion biopsy procedure available at Regional One Health’s East Campus is the latest technology used in helping diagnose prostate tumors that previously were missed using the standard prostate biopsy technique in which tumors couldn’t be seen.

This technology is moving Regional One Health’s East Campus toward excellence in comprehensive men’s care. Memphis Medical News recently featured that work along with other medical technological advances in care in the Mid-South in a June article.

UroNav Fusion Biopsy Technology

UroNav fusion biopsy procedure is a fusion of multi-parametric prostate MRI images and ultrasound that allows the urologist to conduct targeted MRI fusion biopsies.

Dr. Wake said the UroNav procedure will help improve diagnosing the common prostate cancer to better know which patient needs treatment.

“It’s not only changing the way we detect it but how we treat it,” he said. “That’s the next phase. It could revolutionize how we treat prostate cancer.”

Beyond the use of new technologies to better detect prostate cancer, Dr. Wake believes the growing comprehensive men’s health care offerings at the Regional One Health East Campus will revolutionize men’s care in Memphis.

“Men are difficult because they don’t like to go to the doctor,” he said. “Let’s bring men’s health back to the forefront and give them the environment they feel comfortable. These are problems they don’t want to speak about. They want to feel like they’re in a safe environment. We have a range of treatments, ranging from sexual counseling to medications. When they leave with a problem they feel is fixed it is very gratifying.”

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