Community is an important part of a neighborhood experience.

At Harbor of Health, the medical providers and staff work hard to be part of the Downtown community, providing health care to its Harbor Town neighborhood as well as greater Downtown Memphis. Harbor Town is a unique neighborhood on Mud Island, where residents walk to the grocery store, the park or the nearby coffee shop.

And at Harbor of Health, they can walk in for their primary care. Being part of a community where a health care clinic is a walkable part of the neighborhood is a rarity in Memphis, but it’s the norm at Harbor of Health, a Regional One Health primary care facility in the heart of Harbor Town.

Dr. Karen Andrews, internal medicine and pediatrics physician at Harbor of Health.

“It’s a neighborhood feel, which makes it convenient for people who live here on the island,” said Dr. Karen Andrews, a board-certified internal medicine and pediatrics physician who staffs Harbor of Health. “People can walk over from their home and that’s definitely unique, especially in Memphis. We’re across from the grocery, and the little square has a coffee shop and dentist. It’s a great neighborhood set up, which is nice. I think the people who live here appreciate it.”

That neighborhood vibe is only part of what makes Harbor of Health a key amenity in Downtown Memphis. Anyone can get care at Harbor of Health, no matter if they live in Harbor Town, South Main, Midtown, Collierville or Arkansas. It’s also a convenient location for Downtown employees, whether they work just across the harbor bridge or at a variety of employers in the Downtown core.

Plus, the whole family can receive care at Harbor of Health. That means dad can get an annual physical, mom can get a sinus infection looked at and their toddler son can get his shots. Dr. Andrews said establishing those long-term relationships with patients and their whole family is an important aspect to the care at Harbor of Health.

About a third of Harbor of Health patients come from the immediate neighborhood. The remaining patients come from all over the Memphis area. Some are Regional One Health hospital patients who want to continue their care with a primary care provider. Dr. Andrews said Harbor of Health welcomes everyone.

“Sometimes people have insurance change and their physician is no longer covered so they need a new primary care physician,” she said.

Harbor of Health wants to care for patients longer than just to take care of a sore throat or infection, though. Sure, the providers will care for someone who has a primary care physician elsewhere and just needs a minor ailment examined. But Dr. Andrews said it’s important to establish a long-term relationship with patients to keep that continuity of care going.

“It gets complicated if you have three doctors,” Dr. Andrews said. “My aim is to do more continuity of care and have more established care for people who come back to us. That’s a conversation I have with patients.”

Why does it matter? Simply, one provider caring for one person can keep better track of care. A patient from another provider might take three medications but only reports two of them while visiting Harbor of Health. Dr. Andrews wants to make sure her staff is aware of a patient’s complete medical history and medications so that person gets the best care possible.

Dr. Andrews and a team of nurses, family nurse practitioners, medical assistants and staff provide care at Harbor of Health Mondays through Thursdays 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Fridays 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Same-day appointments are available and walk-ins are welcome. Harbor of Health is located at 718 Harbor Bend Road on Mud Island. To schedule an appointment, call 901-515-4200 or visit Harbor of Health’s webpage.