The Regional One Health core mission is to deliver compassionate, high-quality health care. But beyond the clinical side of the healing work is the patient experience while receiving treatment.

Regional One Health strives to always exceed customers’ expectations by providing high-quality, safe and personalized care in a professional, compassionate and friendly manner. That patient experience is vital to the healing work at Regional One Health.

You’ve possibly noticed a grouping of smiling faces and accompanied statements displayed on the walls in the Outpatient Center or the second-floor corridor of the Adams Building. Hopefully you’ve stopped for a moment to read one or two of the simple messages.

Yes, simple. It’s simple acts in the process of going about our daily work that Regional One Health team members strive to enhance the patient experience.

“I show our patients respect and preserve their dignity by closing the curtains when procedures are being done,” said Trishonda, a respiratory therapy tech in Respiratory Care.

Sheena Freeman, patient relations coordinator at Regional One Health, next to a new patient experience art installation.


Whitney is a clinical pharmacist in Inpatient Pharmacy. She verifies “patient medications to ensure they are safe and correct. My attention to detail in my job impacts the patient experience.”

Talia is an interpreter in Guest Services. She brings “comfort and understanding to non-English speaking patients by providing positive interaction between the provider and the patient.”

And as a medical assistant at Hollywood Primary Care, Shenterri greets her “patients with a smile or a hug and make sure all of their needs are met before they leave the clinic appointment.”

There are statements from 19 team members on display. The purpose is to highlight and celebrate just a few of our team members working to impact the health care experience on a daily basis. The display actually is part of Patient Experience Week, which ran April 24-28.

Patient Experience Week was an opportunity to recognize some of the hard work of our team. The Beryl Institute, an organization focused on improving the patient experience in health care, launched Patient Experience Week in 2014 as an annual event to celebrate health care staff impacting patient experiences. This week is an opportunity to highlight simple patient impacts to other staff members as well as to our patients and their families. Patient relations coordinator Sheena Freeman said it was important to raise awareness about the ways we impact the patient experience.

“We want to bring about awareness to patients to let them know their experience is always on our minds every time we interact with them,” she said.

Superintendents, managers and directors nominated some of their rock star employees who then were asked to share ways they focus on the patient experience.

Patient experience is a daily focus at Regional One Health, not just one week of the year. The hope is this serves as a reminder to patients and their families of our commitment to their experience at Regional One Health, as well as an example to staff that it’s everyone’s mission.

“For patients to see the commitment our staff and employees have toward their care, regardless if it’s care providers or non-care providers, my hope is they will build trust in our system and see that we have their best interest at heart,” Freeman said. “This also reaffirms that everyone is important to our patients and what they do has significant impact on our patients.

“What you do matters and this is a celebration of that on a daily basis.”

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