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Food packing event a success

In December, approximately 70 Regional One Health employees rolled up their sleeves, donned hair nets and gloves, and volunteered their time to provide healthy meals to those in need. Volunteers packed 15,120 meals for hungry families in the Mid-South. The event was held in partnership with Outreach for Kids and the Mid-South Food Bank.

“I’m always excited and proud that when I send out a request for help, people eagerly jumped on board,” said Angela Hughes, manager of community affairs and engagement. “There is no lack of enthusiasm when we do this each year.”

This is the third year Regional One Health has held a food packing event during the holiday season.  The event is aligned with the system’s commitment to the community we serve. During the holiday season many go without, and the employees of Regional One Health were excited to have this opportunity to give to others in the community and to help provide nutritious and hearty meals on the dinner table of more than 15,000 families.

Check out some of the news coverage on the event at Local Memphis 24/30 here.


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