Winter weather can be both exciting and hazardous. Winter season falls, as a result of snow and ice, can lead to long term injuries and debilitating circumstances such as fractures, breaks or traumatic brain injury. Even a thin sheet of transparent ice covering a pathway puts pedestrians at risk for falls. Using extreme caution when approaching these areas can reduce the risk of a fall.

If you have to be out in snow and ice, follow these tips to protect yourself from injury:

  •  Take the sidewalk when walking.
  • Wear bright reflective clothing. Ensure that you can see others as well as allowing others to see you.
  • Ensure that your vision is unrestricted with hats, scarves, hooodies, ski masks, etc.
  • Cross walkways at the designated areas, again ensuring others can see you.
  • Remember that the ice can hide, but it’s still there.
  • Remain alert while walking or driving.
  • Be mindful of steps.
  • Bend your knees slightly and take slower, shorter steps.
  • Be mindful of overhead icicles.