Three of the mid-south’s newest residents were featured in the December 9, 2014 issue of The Commercial Appeal.  Ashton and Jennifer Hall were living in London, England when they got the news – she was pregnant with identical triplets.  According to Dr. Giancarlo Mari, medical director of the high risk obstetrics program at Regional One Health, the odds of such a birth event have been estimated to be as slim as 1 in 200 million with only a few sets of identical triplets like the Halls’ born in the United States each year.

Their obstetrician in England told them if they were going to move back to the United States for the pregnancy, they had two options – New York or Memphis. Due in large part to the reputations of Dr. Mari, and the Sheldon B. Korones Newborn Center at Regional Medical Center, the Halls moved to Memphis in early June.  Jennifer was admitted to the hospital in early October. Colton, Leo and Wylder arrived via cesarean section on November 8.

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