Bonnie MillerBonnie Miller, perinatal safety nurse coordinator, received the Clinical Nurse Distinction Award from the Tennessee Hospital Association at their annual meeting on November 7, 2014. Miller was recognized for her consistency and compassion while serving patients at Regional Medical Center, a part of Regional One Health. She joined the system in 2007 as a staff nurse in labor and delivery. Miller has served on numerous committees advocating for women’s health and patient safety. She also has participated in the 39 weeks project and antenatal steroid project with the Tennessee Initiative for Perinatal Quality Care (TIPQC).

When Giancarlo Mari, MD, presented an idea to improve the quality and safety of the patient experience in the high-risk obstetrics program by utilizing a perinatal patient safety nurse coordinator, Miller was perfectly suited for the position. She works with the care team to prevent early deliveries for as long as possible and ensures the safe delivery of the baby when the time comes. Miller’s patients are her top priority and she always is looking for ways to ensure their delivery plan is followed and the patient is kept informed and understands what is happening. She regularly reviews cases to look for ways to improve safety and the quality of the patient experience.