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Regional One Health is partnering with the Family Safety Center to provide assistance to staff members in order to become better equipped to serve patients impacted by domestic violence. The partnership will increase awareness of the impact of domestic violence among Regional One Health employees, along with provide assistance and resources for both staff and patients to secure supportive services.

“As health care providers, we are focused on the individual’s injury and how to treat that injury,” explained Patti Pike, Nurse Manager, Elvis Presley Trauma Center. “We treat the patient’s physical condition, but then when they are doing well they are discharged back into the same environment. Our relationship with the Family Safety Center will provide valuable resources that will benefit our patients and staff.”

This ongoing partnership was kicked off on October 8 with the Regional One Health Cares Day, a day of education designed to provide Regional One Health team members with important information on screening for domestic violence. Employees, including mostly nurses, social workers and case managers, learned tips on how to respond to patients impacted by domestic violence. A panel with representatives from the Family Safety Center, Regional One Health, Memphis Police Department and the Shelby County District Attorney’s office spoke to the participants on topics including recognizing the signs of domestic violence, how to screen and document, and the resources available for staff to use and provide to the patients.

In addition to future education sessions, the Family Safety Center will serve as a valuable resource to the staff of Regional One Health on an ongoing basis as they work together to find assistance for the survivors of domestic violence. The Family Safety Center is also making resources available at the hospital for social workers to use, such as palm cards and other education materials for patients.

The Family Safety Center of Memphis and Shelby County is one location that combines civil, legal, health and social services for victims of family violence. By co-locating these services of partner agencies in one location they are better able to serve hurting families, including children, caught up in the trauma of domestic violence.

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