At the Regional One Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital, patients have access to a full range of medical and rehabilitation services all under one roof. This allows our team to offer comprehensive care for a wide variety of diagnoses, all with the goal of facilitating healing and working toward a successful transition to independent living. Based on your individual needs and goals, the following services may be incorporated into your customized treatment plan.

Vision Therapy & Rehabilitation

We partner with the Southern College of Optometry to provide evaluations and specialized care for patients experiencing visual deficits due to acquired brain injury or neurological conditions.

Assistive Technology

An assistive technology professional is onsite to evaluate patients and recommend the custom seating and assistive technology services that will best serve your needs.

Augmentative Communication

In addition to many no-tech and low-tech devices (picture boards, alphabet boards, soft touch call lights, Sip-and-Puff call lights, iPads with adaptive apps, etc.), we provide onsite language services for Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and deaf patients. We also partner with local consultants, as needed, for evaluations and device recommendations to help our patients achieve maximum function and independence.

Vestibular Evaluation

A physical therapist with specialized training is available for assessment and treatment of vestibular disorders, which are problems with balance due to vertigo, dizziness and other issues.

Nutrition Services

Special dietary needs are often a major consideration for a rehabilitation patient’s self-care and home care. A registered dietician will evaluate the patient’s nutritional status and develop proper medical nutrition therapy and dietary education as needed.

Orthotics & Prosthetics

We partner with orthotists and prosthetists to help you achieve the best possible function and independence. Our case managers and social workers can also assist with coordinating continued services outside of the Memphis area.

Community Reintegration

In addition to traditional therapy programs, we offer a therapeutic recreation program that provides opportunities for patients to go out into the community to face challenges and practice new skills. This program provides leisure education and is designed to help patients acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to engage in independent social and leisure activities, adjust to community re-entry, improve decision-making ability, and make appropriate use of free time. Our wheelchair accessible van is available for offsite activities.

Home Evaluations

To further promote a safe transition home, therapists may visit the patient’s home to assess accessibility and identify any potential barriers. Therapists can make recommendations regarding structural modifications or minor adjustments to accommodate the patient’s and family’s needs.