Cardiovascular Services at Regional One Health provide an integrated multidisciplinary care for patients with cardiac and vascular diseases. The care is delivered through a network of outpatient clinics in Shelby County and also though inpatient care at Regional One Health Hospital.  We offer:

  • 5 days per week access to cardiovascular clinics in one of the outpatient locations.
  • Emergency evaluation of acute heart and vascular related symptoms and diseases through the Emergency Room and Chest pain center at Regional One Health hospital.
  • State of the art non-invasive cardiac and vascular imaging section.
  • Advanced cardiac catheterization laboratory procedures for evaluation and treatment of heart and vascular diseases.
  • New innovative treatment strategies like radial artery catheterization and stent implantation (implanting stents in the heart arteries through artery at the wrist). Regional One Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the region where majority of the procedures are done through a minimally invasive access and through radial artery in the wrist.
  • Access for specialized management for chronic diseases like heart failure, hypertension and peripheral arterial disease
  • Inpatient care through our dedicated staff at the Regional One Health hospital.

What our patients are saying

  • “I have gone to other hospitals for the same procedure, however I received the best care at Regional One Cardiac cath lab.”
  • “I didn’t even know that procedure was done, it was so comfortable.”
  • “I am surprised that I could sit up soon after the catheterization procedure, which was never the case during my prior procedures in another other hospital”
  • “Staff in the cath lab was very friendly and they made extra efforts to make me comfortable.”


Clinic Phone Number: 901-545-7421
To schedule an appointment, please call: 901-545-6969